back to article New FBI boss says cyber crime, not terrorism, is top of Feds' todo list

The FBI's new director James Comey has told the RSA security conference in San Francisco that he is making thwarting online crime the major focus for his agency in the coming decade. As a result, agents will shift from a reactive mode into a more forward-looking approach when tackling internet crims, by offering services with …


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  1. JustWondering

    April first already?

    " But the internet is safe in the FBI's hands, he promised."

    LOL!! That's the advantage real life has over fiction; real life doesn't have to be plausible.

  2. Graham Marsden
    Big Brother

    But... but...

    ... Cyber Crime *IS* Terrerism!!!

  3. I. Aproveofitspendingonspecificprojects

    La la la la la La la la la la.

    I couldn't concentrate on reading the article because yesterday I came across a couple of videos about J Edgar Shirtlifter and the Kennedy assassination, that he was all day at the races on 23/11/63 and was easily able to keep his job by blackmailing anyone that threatened him.

    All lies obviously but still...

    At least they managed to break the news about Water...errr...

    Stopped Ossa...aaah...


    What exactly do they do?

    Ah yes, I remember now. Invade New Zealand.

  4. Ole Juul

    "both national security and liberty"

    They do have a reputation to uphold. Too bad it's not a good one.

  5. thomas k.

    stopping cyber-terrorism

    So, the FBI will be going after the NSA now?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    Either a welcome change in focus, or sleight-of-hand to distract us from the FBIs NSA relationship

    I'm afraid to find out which...

  7. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge
    Big Brother

    Sharpened USB stick

    So can we go back to metal detectors and a gentle pat-down of baggy clothes at the airport?

  8. Stevie


    What a shame this database doesn't have an API so that AV manufacturers could, you know, benefit from all that taxpayer-funded data.

  9. Old Handle

    Looking for cyber criminals? Check next door at the NSA office.

  10. WatAWorld

    On the surface of it, I would say these comments give me some hope.

    On the surface of it, I would say these comments give me some hope.

    We definitely need law enforcement to help protect our cyber security, and crime is a bigger threat to our lives and liberty than terrorism in both the physical and cyber worlds.

    Of course perhaps the biggest or second biggest obstacle is the international nature of much (not all) cyber crime. Will other countries cooperate with the FBI? Will the FBI cooperate with other countries?

    Up there with the international nature of much cyber crime is the obstacle that much of it is not illegal in the country from where the attacks are launched -- because it is being done by government employees "just following orders" without regards to morals, ethics or religious principals (like "do unto others as you would have others do unto you").

    I doubt the FBI will be able to help protect us from the NSA, GCHQ, CSEC or their Israeli, French, Russian, and Chinese counterparts.

  11. WatAWorld

    "You must live in fear so that we can feel secure"

    "Security has promoted liberty, there's not a tradeoff,"

    What about those governments that say to the people of other nations, "You must live in fear so that we can feel secure" ?

    Historically, in the Americans, Africa, Asia and Europe, excessively powerful "security services" have been the main big threat to democracy.

    Security promotes liberty when that security is tightly focused by publicly known laws that enforce publicly known regulations established by elected legislatures rather than bureaucrats and executives. Hopefully the FBI will go in that direction, but from the article that isn't clear.

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