back to article Microsoft's Office 2013 Service Pack 1 slips out with fixes, features

Microsoft has shipped Office 2013 Service Pack 1, the first major update roll-up for the latest iteration of its desktop productivity software. The release applies only to traditional, perpetual-license versions of Office that were installed from media or by downloading a standard Windows MSI installer. Versions of Office …


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  1. Mr Anonymous


    Have they fixed the ODF import/export as they'll soon be needing it if UK Govt is to continue using thier software.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    UK English please

    "That should force the software to check for updates, and the SP1 fixes should begin downloading momentarily."

    "momentarily"... so it will stop in a very short while and you won't manage to download it.

    Should be "in a moment" or "a short while later" - we'd all understand that.

    American journo, or just copied from a US website?

    1. Neil McAllister

      Re: UK English please

      American journo, working out of The Reg's San Francisco office. It used to specify these things in our bylines but a site change at some point got rid of that.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Outlook IMAP Fixed?

    Have they fixed Outlook so that is works with IMAP correctly - and more specifically with Apple iCloud IMAP...

    They completely changed the IMAP handling and it didnt work well with any IMAP well and failed miserably with Apple iCloud.

  4. AMBxx Silver badge

    Exchange 2013

    Can we have a proper GUI please. Enough of this shell crap, it's fine if you work with it every day, but not for the other 99% of admins.

    Oh, a Windows GUI instead of the web one too - you're stuffed if there's a problem with IIS,

    1. Necronomnomnomicon

      Re: Exchange 2013

      If you're not spending all your time in Exchange then you're not the target market for Exchange any more. If you're running a small to medium mail organisation then they want you on and Office 365. As far as they're concerned, you're a legacy problem that will go away with enough push from cloudy marketing.

      Which is why I'm trying to decide which Linux-based mail system will be replacing our current Exchange setup.

      1. Tabor

        Re: Exchange 2013

        "Which is why I'm trying to decide which Linux-based mail system will be replacing our current Exchange setup."

        OP was complaining about a non-web GUI (I assume the lack of EMC bothers him in 2013). For most linux based groupware the default interface is web based, is it not ? Serious question, I honestly have no idea.

        I would argue that anyone "small or medium" (in my view up to 150 or 200 users, with 0, 1 or 2 admins) should go "cloud". Which means : outsource it. Doesn't have to be O365 or any other public cloud thingie, there's plenty of options that allow for not running this stuff in house. I fully agree that Exchange is no longer aimed at small businesses, I disagree that replacing it with FOSS running in house will magically make your problems go away. On any platform patching and management will be a serious job, not to mention DNS, whatever spam and malware filters are in place (and patching/managing those), backing up, and so on.

        TL;DR : if it's Exchange or something else, you'll need the skills if you want to run it yourself.

        1. Necronomnomnomicon

          Re: Exchange 2013

          Oh yes, I wasn't suggesting that Linux would cure OP's command line allergy. Just that Microsoft don't want to either - they want to cloud him up.

          I personally don't mind command line mucking about and so I'm finding that a good linux groupware setup could be just the ticket, because the bosses here are a bit cloud-phobic (and rightly so).

          1. Tabor

            Re: Exchange 2013

            Actually, the powershell stuff is pretty neat once you get the hang of it... now where's that "devil's advocate" icon again ? :-)

            What exactly do you mean by cloud-phobic ? We've got a lot of stuff running in the cloud... business critical stuff in the private one. Some PaaS, some SaaS. Which basically means that a 3rd party gives us a couple of VM's in a known datacenter, and that said party is also in charge of patching/running some of the applications. Some of the VM's run Debian, some run Windows. To me, that's also cloud. If your management has a phobia for that scenario, I want them ! Would be great to get the costs for running our own fully redundant datacenter approved :-)

            Either way : whatever option you pick, if you suffer from CLA (great find, I hope you don't mind me using it), get someone else to do it for you.

  5. bigfoot780

    the service pack isnt dead

    So wheres Windows 7 SP2?

    1. monkeyfish

      Re: the service pack isnt dead

      You can purchase the service pack for a modest fee, and a slight change in the UI that may or may not enjoy.

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