back to article Dixons Retail and Carphone Warehouse mull merger

Dixons and Carphone Warehouse (CPW) today confirmed they are locked in negotiations that may or may not lead to a merger. "These discussions are at a preliminary stage and there can be no certainty that a transaction will be forthcoming," the pair said in a joint statement this morning. As such, no decision has been made …


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  1. Saint Sound

    Dumb and Dumber on the High Street

    This is not going to save anything...

    1. AMBxx Silver badge

      Re: Dumb and Dumber on the High Street

      Yep - 2 companies I have had nothing but bad experiences with. Wouldn't touch this with a bargepole.

  2. Longrod_von_Hugendong

    2 pigs ears...

    Do not make a silk purse, If i touched this with a barge pole, I would burn the barge pole then scatter the ashes to the 4 winds.

    Then nuke from orbit just to make sure.

  3. Jelliphiish


    just want to sell you some insurance.. the electricals are a by-product.

  4. vmistery

    Ah PC World / Currys. The company that tried to do the pushy sell routine on an 88 year old man (who I help with his PC) a windows 8 machine even though he was specifically asking for Windows 7. I cannot bear them! No experience with CP warehouse so can't comment there

    1. Phil W

      CPW and Currys/PC World are rather similar really, so in that regard it's a good pairing. Staff who are strongly trained in upselling the product of the week and insurance but have crap training/knowledge on the products.

      They can be useful though, if you go in knowing what you want and don't take any crap from them, you can walk out what you wanted fairly quickly. They also occasionally have decent prices on things, although often "web only" prices but that can be reserved for collection in store at that price.

      However, I always strongly caution the technically inept and weak of character against shopping with either, as their staff are very good at selling people things they don't want or need or can't even use.

      I am a little surprised about this potential merger though, given DSGi's current relationship with Phones4u having staff and kiosk's in their stores.

      1. The Wegie

        At least you're a guy, PhilW. Try being a woman and getting service that isn't a) condescending crap or b) ignoring you because some spotty 17 year old boy has come in at either establishment. They truly deserve each other.

    2. DSGiTechGuy

      How can they sell him a windows 7 machine, all they sell is the latest OS.

  5. Martin hepworth


    No such thing as a merger IMHO, its always takeover

    So with that, who's buying who?

    1. The Man Himself Silver badge

      Re: merger??

      "So with that, who's buying who?"

      errrr....I dunno.....I'll have to ask a manager...

  6. Pete 2 Silver badge

    Time for a name change

    If they do merge, hopefully the product of their combined marketing talent will be able to come up with a better name.

    When was the last time anyone bought a Car phone?

    and, more to the point, I've never been able to get a Chicken Madras in Curry's, either.

  7. DSGiTechGuy


    Surely phones4u will be pissed, considering their large investment in store in stores?

  8. Mark 125

    The Link

    DSG have been here before, not sure how this will be any different, expect a sell off in 5 years....

  9. The Godfather

    beware the ides of March..

    At first glance....this doesn't look good...With a second glance over the shoulder, it still looks odd. An ill wind blows....

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Both companies are, quite frankly, crooks who couldn't care less about good customer service or after sales support. They should be made to stay separate in the hope that one might eventually die of natural causes. Putting them together just makes it harder for the good, smaller companies to compete.

  11. Equitas

    I never thought the day would come ....

    that I'd have anything good to say about Currys. However, facts are facts. Last October I ordered a cheapish fridge-freezer for delivery to an area which genuinely is remote. "No problem delivering; sorry we do it only on Tuesdays in that area -- would you like it next Tuesday or the Tuesday after?" They phoned before delivery. Delivery was bang on time. Two-man delivery. Took away the old appliance and the packaging of the new one. No charge for delivery or removal of old appliance etc. Price competitive. For the first time in my life I'm impressed by Currys' service on this occasion. Only fair to report recent experience.

    1. Soruk

      Re: I never thought the day would come ....

      In 2002 I had to replace my washing machine. They were doing an offer of free delivery and fitting for machines £300 and over (otherwise £25) and the one I was looking at was £295. The salesman thought I was mad when I asked him to increase the price by a fiver - then he realised what I was up to! They did it though... effectively paid £5 for the delivery and fitting instead of £25.

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