back to article Entanet calls on equity firm Mobeus to back £14m MBO

Wholesale internet connectivity services provider Entanet has completed a £14m managed buyout with the backing of private equity firm Mobeus. MD Elsa Chen, financial director Ian Brewer and sales director Stephen Barclay were involved in the deal that saw the VC stump up £6m to invest in workforce (currently 85 heads) and …


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  1. Nick Kew

    Your chance to own entanet with tax breaks ...

    If anyone should happen to want a share in Entanet, Mobeus currently has an offer for subscription open, with some useful tax breaks including 30% up-front, followed by tax-free dividends. This deal looks fairly typical of what Mobeus does.

  2. msage

    So bad you mention the downtime

    1. Captain Scarlet

      Seems to be what happens when you need to pad out the story, the linked story are ancient and if they really want to dig their NOC blog lists the majority of issues that affect their services.

      Anyway if you are watching give your resellers the ability to resale Fibre already

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