back to article Huawei hybrid array smashes aside puny SPC-1 contenders

Huawei has crushed the SPC-1 benchmark lists for hybrid SDD-HDD arrays with its OceanStor 18800 delivering over a million IOPS. SPC-1 benchmarks are used to test the random I/O performance of a storage array, and Kaminario claims the top two spots with all flash and all-DRAM K2 arrays. Huawei’s hot box delivered 1.005,893.43 …


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  1. thegreatsatan

    Those are great numbers

    For the year 2010 maybe. The new metric is latency, thats where dinosaurs like this will fail. All they did was prove that AFA trumps big iron.


    1. Nate Amsden Silver badge

      Re: Those are great numbers

      they did demonstrate AFA performance with respectable numbers last year -

      Not that I'd use their stuff in any case(any more than I'd use something like LSI or Infortrend I group Huawei in that tier of service).

      Numbers are a far cry from the first hybrid system to post SPC-1 which was IBM a few years back.

    2. FJ-DX

      Re: Those are great numbers

      Look at Fujitsu's entry system ETERNUS DX200 S3

      200,500.95 SPC-1 IOPS

      $0.77/SPC-1 IOPS™

      Regarding Latency:

      Reponse time 0.63 ms at 100% load. Currently the best value ever published with SPC-1

      (yes I admit they used SSD only)

      But I will not say it's an Entry System that trumps big iron.

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