USB headset->PC->Bluetooth->Windows phone

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  1. JimmyPage

    USB headset->PC->Bluetooth->Windows phone

    Just come off a conference call. Usually (When *I* set them up) we use GotoMeeting, which is great. I can use a USB headset with my PC.

    Today, because the call had been setup by a manager, they insisted on using our clunky conference call facility. Which is a landline. So I had to use my mobile. Rather than sit for an hour with my mobile clamped to my head (which makes muting tricky, as the mute button is next to the end call button) I had a brainwave. Why not connect my phone to my PC using bluetooth, and then use my PCs headset.

    Does anyone know if this can be done. Because my phone will play music through my PC, but make calls ??

    I already asked in WPCentral, and got no replies :(

  2. nipsy

    when i have these i call the freephone option from skype so i can use my headset. obviously only any good if there is a freephone number to call.

  3. Lionel Baden

    Quick google

    You can possibly get it working, but i would be surprised if it worked well. I had many issues a few years back trying to get a bluetooth headset to work on my PC. It all depends on what device you have installed where.

    I would recommend just going down the route of buying a usb headset for your PC and phone, best of both worlds. Roccat do some very fancy ones if you want quality, although i cannot personally vouch for them. ... yet :)

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