back to article Tech Data: We need ethics, and we've found the right man

It comes to something when a corporation is forced to appoint a chief ethics and compliance officer but that is exactly what distributor Tech Data has done, weeks after completing its costly accounting investigation. Fourteen-year company veteran Jean-Paul Durand – who most recently served as TD's vice president, assistant …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Any company that needs a "chief ethics and compliance officer" is about as ethical as countries that call themselves "Democratic Republic Of" are Democratic.

  2. The Godfather

    Whistle blower hotlines clearly don't work that well. Few whistle blowers ever get to retain their job and this is the number one failing. Recall Sarbanes Oxley legislation called for compliance and regular SARBOX audit. If these still missed the apparent errors that called for restatement, the buck should stop higher than the FD and the finance team.

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