Games I spent waaay too much time on - 80s onwards.

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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Games I spent waaay too much time on - 80s onwards.

    Elite - Spectrum/Electron/C64

    Need I say more?

    Commando - Spectrum

    This was extremely playable. I loved this game.

    Lightcycles - Spectrum

    Ridiculously simple game and excellent fun against a mate. Sharing a ZX Spectrum keyboard though...

    Ghost Busters - C64. 'He Slimed ME!' Discovered the easiest way to get through the first level was to get the Beetle and a couple of traps. You easily made the money to get through. (edit - actually this was technically the first game I completed, thinking about it)

    Forbidden Forest - C64

    I would go round to my mates, then subsequently ignore him whilst I played this over and over and over...sorry Dan. Excellent mood music.

    Gunship 2000 - C64 and Spectrum 128, First 'simulator' I truly got hooked on. Remember the soldiers^h^h^h^h vertical lines?

    Marble Madness - Spectrum. Again, very playable 3d(ish) platformer.

    Spin Dizzy - Spectrum..same as above.

    Nemesis - MSX. Hours turned into days turned into weeks lost on this. First game ever completed.

    F1 Spirit - MSX. Probably the second game I ever completed.

    Nemesis 2 - MSX. Not quite as many hours as first game, but still very fun.

    Wipeout - Playstation. That soundtrack...those graphics and game play, I was Hooked. HOOKED.

    There were obviously more, but these were the ones that stick out in my head. Battlefield 1942 in 2003 was the start of something darker and lead to the current game of choice, Ghosts. It is a marvel I ever got married, come to think of it...

  2. do everything you are passionate about passionatly

    mario nes

    i wasnt born until 87 but i played super mario brothers constently on the NES and the Snes mario is soo coool and sonic on the sega.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A quick history

    Space Invaders - Atari 2600

    Snare - C64

    Mortal Kombat - Sega Mega Drive

    Super Mario Bros - Nintendo N64

    Wipeout - Sony Playstation

    System Shock 2 - PC, Win98

    Half Life 3 - PC, WinXP

    Halo ODST - Xbox 360

    A list of games I've obsessed about over the decades and the platforms they were on.

    It's shameful what is happening to an overly greedy industry.

    In game purchases, enforced cloud connectivity and the removal of ownership rights utterly undermines the nature of gaming, to have fun.

    You can't progress unless you spend real money, you only rent the game which can be blocked at any time for any reason, you HAVE to have the game online, solo games are getting rare, no more passing a disc/tape/cartridge to a friend and no selling the game on if it sucks.

    I may be old but I am willing to spend money on games I like & feel I won't get screwed over for.

  4. BongoJoe

    Only one game left now. I guess that this qualifies as Real Life is what I do in downtime.

    It can only be...

    EVE Online

  5. stonecatch

    Tetris is one of my favorite. I can last 5 hours playing it back then. Also pacman is one of the best game ever made. Now, all games that's coming out seems so complicated to play, it takes a while to learn.

  6. linkzhang24

    legend of zelda series are the most time-consuming ones for me.

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