How is Rollback Rx for Windows 7?

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  1. normanpritchard59

    How is Rollback Rx for Windows 7?

    How is Rollback Rx for Windows 7 laptops? I need a more general answer for enterprise laptops. What is the proposition of Rollback Rx by Horizon DataSys?

  2. nyanash

    Woah, there are many questions you are asking here! Let's go one by one.

    Well for the first question: What do you mean? I have Rollback installed on my home laptop (which is on Windows 7) and it works fine.

    What do you mean by a more "general answer for enterprise laptops"? If you are looking for a software solution for public access environments, try Drive Vaccine. It is also from Horizon Datasys and can recommend it because I use it in my own business. It basically wipes your computer every time you restart it. So like in a public domain in where many people use one computer, you won't have to worry about any permanent changes being made to your PC.

    The proposition of Rollback Rx is that of an instant time machine. This software functions on snapshots, which in a case of a system crash or virus, one can go back to the snapshot or moment before your PC crashed.

    I hope this answers all your questions!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    According to this, they store the windows image and persistent client data on two partitions on the server. I presume the image runs totally in memory, and a home folder is mapped to the client user. I've been bitten before by software that don't perform as advertised.[url=]CISA vce[/url] The spec sheet is more aspirational that real. The only way to really know if it'll work is to suck-it-and-see.

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