back to article Gamers save Nvidia's bacon in storming fourth quarter

Nvidia has reported better-than-expected fourth quarter financial results, with revenues of $1.14bn over the three months ending January 26, up 9 per cent on the last quarter and 3 per cent on the year-ago period. "Quarterly revenue came in well above our outlook, driven by PC gaming, capping an outstanding year for our GPU …


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  2. Piro Silver badge

    That's because nobody can buy a high end AMD card, all the miners kept buying them at inflated prices.

    1. cyke1

      you can buy them, just 20-30% over retail price. If you are a gaming Nvidia cards are just as good if not better (due to better drivers) then AMD cards.

      1. Valeyard

        Their drivers are a bit of a pain in the ass actually (on Linux), but supposedly they've been getting better very recently

    2. squigbobble

      I'm mining on a pair of GTX670s

      Though I actually bought them for stereoscopic gaming. cudaminer is the tool, though the cost/Khash for nVidia cards is a fair bit higher than for ATi/AMD they use less power to do the same work.

  3. Greg D

    Good to hear at least someone doing well in the PC biz. Especially considering PC gaming is to thank.

    Still think nVidia's top-end hardware is unable to stand up in a price:performance market against AMD though. Although superior GPU's, the AMD equivalents are far cheaper. Drivers are a non--issue these days.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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