back to article NetApp FAS array to fly out in under a fortnight

We hear from a source within the NetApp community that 19 February is the day the brand spanking new FAS8000 array pokes its head out into the open. Still no details on the config: even NetApp customers checking a field portal, something we Vultures don’t have access too, apparently get told the info is embargo’d to 19 …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So is this a capacity based pricing model?

    Am sure it will come out in the wash but is this a move to capacity based licensing?

    The article implies a base OS license and then storage cost but we will see.

    There was something similar on the NetApp NearStore line which proved reasonably unpopular with customers due to its eye-popping cost. NetApp service providers however may prefer this if it makes the upfront cost lower. However you will clearly pay in the will always pay in the end...

    1. theblackhand

      Re: So is this a capacity based pricing model?

      Maybe I'm just cynical, but doesn't this mean they will give hardware costs that are really competitive and lump the majority of the costs into OnTAP?

      Or would that mean their hardware support model is blown out the window when it becomes cheaper to just buy more hardware rather than a one year support contract?

  2. Lorddraco

    more expensive storage?

    Wow .. trying hard to increase margin .. nice move.

  3. JeffTravis

    It's simpler than that

    As they see the market diversifying between on and off premise storage they simply want to retain the right to charge you for the OS that manages it, rather than it seeming like a freebie that's bundled with a shed load of disks.

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