back to article Dimension Data launches backup-as-a-service service

There's a new backup-as-a-service player in town, in the form of South African services outfit Dimension Data. DiData has, like a few other large service providers, quietly created a cloud that offers most of the same elasticity as the big-name public clouds but is sold as part of engagements that run far deeper than the …


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  1. Nigel 9

    Quiet News Day?

    "Australian company installs Commvault to backup the VM's it rents out to Customers, running on it's own kit in a Data Centre"

    Not exactly ground-breaking..... considering the other article/PR about CV's growth, has someone just been taken out for a jolly good lunch in Reading?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Dimension Data

    Aren't they the outfit that used to be called Chernikeef?

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