back to article Japanese investment company looks to snap off Sony's PC arm

Sony could be set to offload its Vaio PC business to investment fund Japan Industrial Partners after the firm refused to deny a report by local news service Nikkei that a ¥50 billon (£302m) deal is imminent. The buyout firm would create a new company for Sony to sell its PC business to – for anywhere between ¥40-50bn. Under …


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  1. Fihart

    Who'd want it ?

    Though I like the styling and finish of Sony laptops, Sony's PC arm hasn't the best rep for support. And in an imploding PC market who's going to want to put in the effort to reorganise and relaunch ?

    I suspect that, in line with other big Japanese brands which once sold laptops globally, Sony will withdraw from the mass market, perhaps going niche as Panasonic has with its tough range.

    1. Irongut

      Re: Who'd want it ?

      Vaio laptops look great but the build quality is terrible. They fall apart in a few months and are very expensive to repair, only to fall apart again another few months later. Our previous IT manager had a Vaio only policy and now we are left with a pile of laptops with broken hinges, broken screens, etc.

      One very high spec and expensive laptop that was bought for a director was even faulty straight from the factory. It had wires hanging out of the dvd drive!

  2. Piro Silver badge

    Pretty sad

    Honestly, Sony has pumped out some of the nicest laptop designs over time, but their current line up lacks something.

    The Vaio S13 Premium and the Vaio Z12 are fantastically capable, light and thin designs with 13" 1600x900 screens, decent dedicated graphics, and full voltage CPUs, ready to churn through any task.

    They don't make anything like those now, and I have no idea why. Nicest laptops once available, but them and designs like them are no longer available.

    If anyone else wants to crank out anything as well built and crazy (they basically all had at least 2x SSDs in RAID0, up to 4x SSDs in RAID0!) in performance terms, whilst remaining thin and light, be my guest, but I haven't seen anything like it that grabs me.

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