back to article Tech Data: UK accounting errors cost us $27m

Tech Data (TD) has turned to "external experts" to beef up fraud detection measures after it emerged that righting accounting wrongs at its UK sub had wiped $27m (£16.55m) off net profits for the last three years. The restatement equates to three per cent of income made during fiscal '11, '12 and '13, the periods that forensic …


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  1. Fatman

    TD's financial "performance"?

    Compensation programmes are to be changed to "better motivate accurate financial reporting and compliance", and tools to document, support and review manual journal entires, and centralise control and finance processes will be introduced.

    In English:

    "If you fucking lie again, we will take you for a ride in the corporate jet, and then kick your ass out the door with a LEAD parachute; with the harness attached to your neck!!!


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