back to article China targeted by new Android Trojan

Russian security researchers are warning about an Android Trojan called Oldboot that has infected 350,000 devices worldwide. According to this post at Dr Web, Oldboot has a characteristic that makes it hard to deal with: some of the Trojan's components are loaded into the boot partition of the Android file system. By acting as …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Another day another android Trojan.

    More subtle and embedded deeper than before.

    You'd think by now Android would have been made a little more secure?

    1. M Gale

      Note this malware, like all "Android" malware, actually infects rooted Android-based OS builds. Not Android.

      You'd think by now that people would have spotted that?

  2. saif

    Is it a vulnerability if I let the burglar in?

    "The bootkit operation of Oldboot leads Dr Web to suggest that it's being distributed via corrupted firmware that victims are using to reflash their devices. "

    So, devices in which the user himself has installed dodgy firmware from unverified that really a vulnerability in Android? No mention of specific devices, so probably targeting the no-name Chinese tablets, the android fragmentation protecting the rest of the population. Being relatively open source, easy to create malware, and then easy to detect and later easier to deal with.

  3. AbeSapian

    Mother Told Me Not To Go

    Know where you make your updates from.

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