back to article Twitter avoids IP face-off with Big Blue, will buy 900 IBM patents

Six-year-old Twitter has agreed to buy 900 patents from IP superstore IBM after Big Blue threatened to sue the microblogging firm last year. IBM wrote to Twitter just before the company was due to go public last year, telling the firm that it was infringing on at least three of Big Blue's patents and inviting the company to …


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  1. Anomalous Cowturd

    Software patents by any chance?

    Move your HQ to Europe, and tell Big Blue to do one!

    Problem solved.

  2. Buzzword

    Patent madness

    Goes without saying, but it's quite ridiculous that a service which does nothing but replicate SMS messaging (est. 1992) should require any patents.

  3. Spiracle


    I would have trouble identifying 90 unique elements of the Twitter interface and service let alone 900.

    1. Mage Silver badge

      Re: 900?

      I can't identify one.

      I'm not sure who is the crazy in this.




      A web site simulating SMS hoping to make money from Adverts.

  4. Seanmon


    What in the blue fuck does twitter have that's patentable?

  5. btrower


    This is how Criminal Cartels work. This one has managed to get 'our' representatives to write the law so that it is legal (only for Cartel members) to run a protection racket. To keep the profits up, the police *we* pay for do the collections when things get ugly.

    These days, the Mafia is legal and writes the laws. Lemonade Stands are illegal and the little girls who used to run them are sold into sexual slavery.

    The worse you are, the better it gets. War criminals who murder children get the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Sure, it was ever thus, and at least the Emperor of the United States is not having people who displease him drawn and quartered. In fact, dispensing with trials or even charges takes the worry out of it for the victim. They never know it is coming, so are not troubled with all sorts of last minute rushing to make sure wills are in order, children provided for, etc.

    What makes the new tyranny worse than any other in history is that technology makes it ubiquitous, relentless and irresistible. You cannot escape it even for a moment. Any breach, no matter how unwitting or innocent is recorded and filed and can be used any time you get out of line. Should you or your kind fall out of favor, you might find yourself imprisoned.

    Torture was happening recently if it is not still going on. Remember, too, that drawing and quartering *did* happen. We know people as a species are willing to go that far. Who knows what mischief subsequent Emperors will get up to in the future?

    This is like the old joke:

    Man to perfectly respectable woman: "Would you sleep with me for $1 billion dollars?"

    She hesitates, thinks of all the things she could do... Well ... I guess for a billion dollars I *would* sleep with you.

    Man says: "How about a hundred dollars?"

    Woman draws herself up, outraged: "What do you take me for -- a common prostitute?"

    Man says: "We've already established what you are. We're just haggling about the price.

    We have already established that we will give up our freedom and live in Tyranny. We have and we do. We are now just haggling over the extent.

    Unless you are purposefully acting against this, you are supporting this with your political franchise (vote) and your money (taxes) and your inaction makes them bolder every day.

    These things never end well and the longer they are left to grow the worse the ending.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not sure what's worse...

    One defines a patent troll as a company that buys up IP and patents only to use them in lawsuits to collect royalties and settlements.

    How would you define IBM which rolls out patents, some extremely questionable, which may or may not use them in a product, yet uses them to stifle competition?

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