back to article Sync'n'share firm Box secretly files for IPO

Enterprise-focused file sync'n'share outfit Box has secretly filed an IPO intention with the SEC and not shared it with anybody in advance, according to media outlet Quartz and others. Box is fighting it out with Dropbox for the lead in the enterprise file-sharing market, which is largely based on putting files in a cloud …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    2m for 100m funding is not a good return on investment.

    perhaps there is a mistake in your numbers?

    1. Paul Webb

      Re: 2m for 100m funding is not a good return on investment.

      The Quartz article suggests a valuation of "more than $1 billion" in 2012. Other sources value the company at $2 billion as of December 2013.

  2. an it guy

    re: $2m valuation for 100M

    glad I'm not the only one who went 'eh?'

  3. Julian Taylor

    Never once had a problem with Dropbox, but the life of me I just can not get Box to sync properly via their app. A great shame - I am sure it is just as good as Dropbox.

    1. CadentOrange

      They've recently increased their free plan's storage limit to 50GB. I'm hoping that this drives Dropbox dot do something similar.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      You need to use the Box web interface..

      .. to set which folders you wish the application to sync. They will then sync. Quite powerful.

  4. Rafiki

    "An alternate approach is to put files into a virtual reservation"

    "An alternate approach is to put files into a virtual reservation in a company’s data centre with user access through the file sync'n'sharer’s end-point agent software." Is this correct? Are you talking about Box here?

  5. jordysmith

    I’m hoping Box stops this free storage nonsense and that Dropbox doesn’t follow suit. If they’re trying to gear their business towards serving enterprises, why are they giving away so much free space? Someone has to pay for it and it’ll be the businesses, especially because they will have to raise prices if people actually use the free storage. Maybe I’m a biased business owner, but it’s not a problem that I’ve enjoyed dealing with lately.

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