back to article Toshiba upheaval continues as firm scraps EU country managers

Executive veep for Toshiba's European PC and TV biz Andy Bass has split after 24 years' service following another major restructure. Back in the spring of 2011, Toshiba stitched together its computing and TV businesses in a bid to make some cost savings, but the move didn't quite work out. "We lost that crispness, that focus …


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  1. ben_myers

    Quality products are important, too

    Yes, Toshiba can rearrange the deck chairs all it wants. I can't speak for other Toshiba electronics (maybe that is a problem, too), but Toshiba has long been at or near the bottom of my lists for hard drives and laptops. Hard drives, because their laptop drives fail way more than others and because you can't trust the SMART data giving the health of a Toshiba hard drive. And Toshiba laptops are intricately designed, difficult to service, with both spare parts and service manuals being in short supply.

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