back to article EMC puts on an 'appy face to box Box, Dropbox

EMC's attempt to do better in the world of share 'n' sync tools has given Microsoft a back door into iOS and Android. The back door comes in the form of new mobile apps for the information management company's Syncplicity service. EMC has, over the years, 'fessed up to a less-than-stellar outlook for its document management …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Security features

    In app editing is a feature that a lot of people don't consider when selecting these type of tools. It's something that Box and DropBox are unable to provide, relying on other 3rd party apps that have in built connectors to other cloud services, unless secure versions from Good or MobileIron are used. Accellion have been providing this in app editing function since last year.

    The other security features that should be standard in these enterprise apps is app based encryption at rest on the device without relying on device encryption, and the ability to remote wipe the locally held, offline files from the app, both of which the Accellion solution provides.

  2. lovely jubbly

    Terrible Product

    We installed Syncplicity at a Client's Office.

    Utterly terrible experience.

    1) Kept de-syncing files between users.

    2) Syncplicity would, without notice, remove essential features, eg sub-folder syncing/sharing.

    3) Top management don't care about their Client's problems, simply ignore their users.


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