back to article Just how far did storage and compute converge in 2013?

Converged storage is the coming together of storage and compute in the same box. Didn't this used to be called a server, before the days of networked storage? Indeed it did but these re-invented servers often employ a logical storage pool, and are the future, we are told. So, where are we at, as glide into 2014? We're …


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  1. Noam

    Great writeup, other than the omission of Zadara Storage. ;-)

    We can corroborate at least one of your predictions: we are already seeing our storage "moving up the implementation scale to more serious enterprise applications." But we disagree that there necessarily is a "looming inter-server communications burden." Some architectures (yes, ours included) do not suffer this effect.

  2. andro

    yes, and the omission of the hybrid cloud tech in redhat enterprise linux 7 (and centos). It will does this very well, and has the ability to use rented grunt or storage across the net for short term needs when you need to crunch through a big job then back to normal on your private system. I wouldnt be buying a propriety system ahead of this.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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