1. Simon Sharwood, Reg APAC Editor

    National Broadband Network (NBN)

    This was always going to happen so here it is.

    Let's try not to go over the same old ground here with "but fibre is better and good things might not happen if we don't build the NBN with fibre" arguments.

    Having said that, anyone out there on fibre? What's it like? Does it really make a difference once you cram it down consumer-grade WiFi around your house?

    1. KrisMac

      Re: National Broadband Network (NBN)

      Athough the NBN is (maybe) going to have an impact on internet bandwidth, (depending on the level of idiocy built into the Plans that the vendors eventually decide to push on us), the rollout is defiitely having an impact on my commercial ISDN contracts around the country.

      Telstra don't seem to have an actual Plan B for what to do when they have to hand over the copper once a zone has been designated as an NBN area, but I have been supplied with a list of dates by my account executive indicating that 'something' needs to happen at about half of my sites around the country over the next year or so... I'm not that worried about what the 'something' might be so long as it works and I don't lose connectivity anywhere...

      Seems like a disaster waiting to happen to me...

  2. Tim99 Silver badge

    Home NBN

    I live in a retirement village. We have the NBN. Currently it is not as fast as advertised as we "only" get about 52 Mbps download and 18 Mbps up. It seems that we will get the theoretical 100Mbps when our contractor upgrades their "temporary" equipment.

    Still very fast (and extremely reliable) compared to the iinet ADSL2+ connection at our previous house. It was about 450m from the exchange, we got ~11Mbps down and 1Mbps up.

    The wiring in the house is Cat 5e going to a 4-port 100M router in a cabinet in the garage. Wireless is served through two Airport Express units (also connected to HiFi and set of speakers). All is good, with ping times in the order of 16ms to the provider's DNS through a wired connection, which goes up by 1.4ms for wireless.

  3. Sir J

    If the latest plan requires that circa 30% of NBN customers be connected via HFC, how will this density be achieved when the Optus HFC network does not support multi unit dwellings. Does Telstra really have all that additional capacity alone? I doubt it..

  4. Phil Kingston

    Yep, my street was (I think) one of the first around Perth to get it. I jumped straight on it while they were still doing free installation for FTTH. My ADSL was v poor.

    Having moved here from a FTTH area of the UK, I'd been really missing it. I don't do anything particularly special with it, but it is nice to have streamed/downloaded telly arrive at a decent lick.

    Even the missus comments on how nice that is. Job done.

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