back to article Smartmobe market tops ONE BEEELION a year for first time

Market-watcher IDC says humanity managed to crank out 1.8 billion mobile phones last year, and 1,004.2 million of them were smartphones. That's more than double 2011's sales of 494m smartphones. IDC's sums come from its Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, which in the fourth quarter of 2013 suggests 284m smartphones were …


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  1. Fihart

    My money's on Lenovo.

    Huawei's products make one wonder why people spend so much more on better known brands, until you hear the drone at Vodaphone pronounce it Hawaii.

    Lenovo is one Chinese brand to have a real presence in the West and some products which command premium prices.

    Apple will either have to take a hit on price or come up with something a bit more exciting in the next iterations of the iPhone.

  2. Soruk

    The budget Huawei phones are surprisingly good bits of kit for the money - particularly the G300 and Y300 models.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    As always "smartphone market" is no longer a useful term

    The reason it is growing on the low end is that it is eating away at the feature phone market, and within a few years the smartphone market and the mobile market will be the same thing.

    If they showed the market percentages at different price tiers (say under $150, $150-$450, and $450 and above) it might be more interesting. Samsung's growth certainly isn't all coming from the high end, but is it coming from the midrange or low end? How about new entrants LG and Lenovo? I haven't even heard of a high end Lenovo phone, do they have any presence in that market or are they selling a lot of $100 smartphones in China?

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