back to article Internet giants, US gov agree to loosen secrecy of private info slurps

The US Department of Justice has agreed to allow internet companies to be more candid about what information they disclose to the government, albeit only slightly. Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, and Yahoo! are among several companies that have been urging the feds to loosen the secrecy surrounding their data collection …


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  1. RobHib
    Black Helicopters

    Reckon that won't fool anyone.

    Given the potential loss of cloud revenues from foreign sources etc., to rollover for so little they'd have to been threatened. Certainly that won't fool anybody, especially those outside the US.

  2. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    TL:DR. Don't use US Internet businesses or telcos while THE PATRIOT Act is in force

    This is a tiny improvement on telling people how much they are still being spied upon.

    WTF does the President want? The Nobel Peace prize?

  3. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

    NSA hope entire world is stupid enough to ignore restrictions and trust them because of reports that reveal nothing. The response that pops immediately to mind is "THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS".

    Honestly, it gets harder and harder not to mentally envision Gen. Alexander as Gul Madred, James Clapper as Enabran Tain and the NSA as some unholy combination of the Obsidian order and Central Command. At least they aren't likely to be using neural solvents to obtain information...yet. So we should be grateful for that, right?


This topic is closed for new posts.

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