back to article Foxconn mulls US expansion as States compete for business

Contract manufacturing giant Foxconn could be set for a major expansion into the US, although not with the low-cost, labour intensive factories that have defined its presence in China. Chairman Terry Gou told reporters at the group’s annual Chinese New Year party on Sunday that “the US is a must-go market”, according to …


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  1. Fihart


    We're in deep trouble in China. We don't want to tangle with tough little guys like the Vietnamese.

    So, now we've practically bankrupted the West with cheap imports, perhaps those idiots who bought all our crap are broke enough to come to work in our factories.

    1. gautam

      Re: Translation.

      SO UK does not qualify ?

      Arent we equally (probably more) broke than our US cousins?

      Oh sorry, they havent cinsidered our planning permission laws, yet!

      1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

        Re: Translation.

        All those subsidies for US electronics companies to open screwdriver plants in Scotland has already led to the UK being at the forefront of sub 10nm FAB technology hasn't it?

  2. Gene Cash Silver badge

    "needs to expand out of China because of rising wage costs"

    Now THERE'S a phrase I never expected to hear this soon.

  3. Alan Brown Silver badge


    Once you get rid of unskilled humans on the production line, you're no longer tied to where the cheap labour is - or in deep doo-doo when labour costs rise (this is happening in China. It's getting harder and harder for Fxconn and friends to recruit and keep assembly line workers, so wages are necessarily going up.)

    Energy costs and transportation are far more important - robots turn out consistent work 24*7*365 in the dark, without complaining, picking fights with security guards or jumping off dormitory roofs.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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