back to article You shall not IT PASS! UK gov fishes tech catalogue out of bin as replacement stalls

The Crown Commercial Service that oversees how the UK public sector buys stuff has apparently granted an eight-month stay of execution to the Commodity IT Hardware & Software (CITHS) framework, through which Blighty's technology supply deals are brokered. According to its original tender published in the Official Journal of …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    From my experience of HMG

    It would be cheaper just to tell them to go down and order from PCWorld

  2. localzuk Silver badge

    Less re-branding, more working?

    I dunno about anyone else, but I just wish they'd stop re-branding themselves! Every time I get used to their name, they change it! Must be costing a fortune.

  3. This post has been deleted by its author

  4. fakename

    Champion for small business???

    Seems the government is busy ensuring that only massive mulitnationals - foreign owned, non-UK tax paying and staffed by Indian engineers are going to be in line for massive UK tax payer funded contracts. So much for helping British companies and small business win government work! (companies will be admitted to the scheme through a tendering process - for tendering read giving substantial backhanders in the form of wonderfully over paid jobs to the right people).

    BTW, why do I have to 'register' to comment, why do you go through a 'process' to try and get, then keep, my personal information in order for me to comment? Is it so you can pass it to the NSA or UK spy agencies? Or maybe so you can flood me with spam? Perhaps you will be hacked one day and lose it and then have to come grovelling about it???? Of course, as I expect many do, I gave you a pile of nonsense.... it satisfied your 'process' but was a total waste of time for me and you.... what is the right word to look for here-..... oh yes, stupid!

    1. gazthejourno (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: Champion for small business???

      We saw you coming and built our entire comments system purely to annoy you.

    2. Infosec Guy

      Re: Champion for small business???

      fakename, The Reg already had a data breach a year or two ago with users email addresses from here! they sent me an email to tell me they'd published my details or similar in error! ha!

    3. mindboggled

      Re: Champion for small business???

      Thanks the lord you persisted or we'd have missed out on your rampant paranoia, baseless conspiracy theories and ignorant libel. At least el Reg's lawyers will have an address to forward the summons to eh. Winning big contracts in the public sector is hard work and requires investment in time and expertise, plenty of SMEs play and 19% of the £14bn spent goes to them. If you're not winning maybe you should look at yourselves before throwing mud.

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