How to use the "report abuse" function

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    How to use the "report abuse" function

    El Reg forums has a "report abuse" link displayed on each comment. This is provided for you to flag spam and the like up to the forum moderators. We then review and deal with reported comments accordingly.

    As per The Register's Comments Guidelines, section 14:

    Do use the 'report comment' button – we take note of each one and often withdraw comments after complaints, and we're grateful for your assistance as spam and other unwelcome things do sometimes slip through – but don't abuse it. A differing opinion does not make reasonable grounds for reporting a comment. You may end up getting flagged if you continually file unwarranted reports.

    Many comments reported to us over the last few weeks appear to be because commentards are losing arguments and misusing the "report abuse" button in the hope that views they don't agree with will be removed.

    This will not happen.

    Persistent abuse of the "report comment" function will result in your account(s) being flagged, which means everything you post will be manually pre-moderated, and thus take a long while to appear.

    If you have any questions about this, please feel free to re-read the comments guidelines at the link above.

    1. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

      Re: How to use the "report abuse" function

      Obviously only you guys see the viewing figures for this forum, but I'd be surprised if many of your reasders ever come here. So I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this.

      Assuming you don't want to bung an article about it on the front page, may I suggest you put some text about it on the 'report abuse' page itself.

      When you hit the report button, you are sent to a page, with the post in question, and another report buton. Maybe add something stern to the text there?

      I'd also suggest that a small 'Why I'm reporting this' box might be appropriate. That might make the timewasters feel like idiots. Or at least think.

      It's also useful to the non time-wasters. I once reported a spammer, and eneded up reporting a bunch of posts. Had I had a text box, I could have just done the one, and said - this guy appears to be a spammer, please nuke all today's posts.

      1. Drewc Gold badge

        Re: How to use the "report abuse" function

        Thanks for the suggestion. We will give it a mull.

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