back to article I've just seen 10% of the PC biz disappear into the cloud

The days of the desktop computer look to be numbered. According to IDC, worldwide shipments of desktop systems fell 10 per cent in 2013, the biggest decline in the platform's history. IDC also predicts that for the first time tablets will outsell laptops and in fact the entire PC market by 2015. To borrow IDC’s terminology, …


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  1. Ian Moyse

    Consumers are a changing

    Keep watching as an increasing % of computing power becomes cloud delivered and consumer expectations of pricing becomes more radically different to we have seen before. Users now have a baseline of 59p apps and cheaper computing power and storage and will start to question even the smaller costs for robust solutions. The days where a software vendor could charge premium margins is of a world we may soon forget.

    1. The Godfather

      Re: Consumers are a changing

      Quite right.....

    2. Rebelyell

      Re: Consumers are a changing

      The world would be a better place for it…

  2. ben_myers

    But what about office work?

    If office work needs a keyboard, as with document preparation, spreadsheet jockeying, creating PowerPoint and other artsy-fartsy materials, the only choice remains a Wintel or Apple-tel desktop or laptop with a real keyboard. Yes, it may run software from the cloud, but I am having serious difficulty imagining how a tablet computer can do this sort of work. Somebody help me understand.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: But what about office work?

      Just attach a mouse, keyboard and screen to your tablet and it can do all the office type stuff.

      (Using bluetooth or microusb hub for connection of these peripherals.)

      Same is becoming increasingly true for your smartphone.

      In two years time, your main PC will be your smartphone, with a docking station to supply charging, wired ethernet, mouse, keyboard and screen connections.

      What's not to like?

      Unless perchance, you are a minion of the Dark Lord "Steve" Baldemort...

  3. ben_myers

    A lot of bias in this opinion

    Mr. Fosse has a lot of bias here. The more he can push people to the cloud, the better it is for EMC and its cloud services and hardware to support the cloud.

  4. Alan Bourke

    The usual sales flim-flam

    from a vested interest.

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