back to article Former 2e2 workers WIN case for protective award

An employment tribunal has ruled in favour of former 2e2 workers' claims for protective awards. A year after the saga began, hundreds are to be paid up to eight weeks' wages by the government – the maximum allowed. There weren't many winners in the firm's collapse - save for, perhaps, the administrators - with staff out of a …


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  1. scrappydappydoo

    What does this actually mean? I'm an ex 2e2 employee who was made redundant at the last batch of redundancies.

    From what i remember, I didnt get anything and they told me that all i could get would be pennies in the pound for money owed (including a few grand in expenses). I received pay for days worked but nothing for the "notice period" which I should have been given.

    Do i need to apply for something or will i be notified automatically? I've since moved address which is a little concerning as I no longer receive the mail from that house. Or is it for only people who have already applied?

    I'm a little confused and really don't want to have to get a solicitor involved. obviously.

    1. TheTick

      Did you get the letter from a company called Payco shortly after the administration telling you how to claim from the national insurance? They sent a form RP1 or RP2 I believe. If you moved house shortly after you might have missed these.

      You might want to get in touch with FTI Consulting and get them to re-send documents, or failing that get in touch with National Insurance directly.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      You should have been sent two forms by FTI, one for claiming statuatory redundancy and a second for pay in lieu of notice.

      Redundancy is one week's money for each year worked, capped at £430 per week or thereabouts.

      The notice period payment works in a similar way and at the same rates, but only if you were out of work. So if you were taken on by a client or promptly found another job you cannot claim. If you signed on and were paid benefits then those would be deducted from anything that you were entitled to.

      If you don't want to talk to a solicitor try the CAB, but you get what you pay for.... unless you were a 2e2 customer!

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Comment from FTI Consulting?



    As for subsequent dismissals on 6 and 8 February, "there was a failure to consult in good time", the tribunal stated, and there were no "appropriate" employee representatives elected so there was "no genuine intention to consult".

    The tribunal found that while FTI had a duty to rescue the company and get a better result for creditors, "these obligations do not create a conflict with the duty to consult employees justifying abrogation of that duty".


    So FTI Consulting, what were you thinking? Sod the employees and just get the job done? Sadly it's unlikely there will be any blowback on you from this.

    Indeed, one of your employees involved in the process has been promoted recently from "Consultant" to "Senior consultant", and so I'm guessing it's unlikely that "Operating with due regard to employment law" or "Considering social impact" are included in your employees' principal appraisal objectives.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Comment from FTI Consulting?

      i read those same two paragraphs and reached the same extremely depressing conclusion as you: almost certainly no comeback on FTI, whereas a logical world would see FTI liable for the payments, given it's the company that took a deliberate decision to ignore the duty to staff.

  3. Andus McCoatover

    That judge's name seems strangely familiar...

    Dunno why...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: That judge's name seems strangely familiar...

      I think that's one of the guys that wanted my help in transfering the amount of $32,575,000 (thirty two million five hundred and seventy five thousand US dollars) from a Nigerian bank-account.

      Dunno, could be wrong...

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