back to article Our robot overlords won't be evil cyborgs: Prepare for whisker-equipped ROBO-KITTIES

Given the world's (bizarre) fondness for all things feline, folks will no doubt be delighted to discover that our robot overlords could be whiskery robot cats instead of creepy robot humanoids. Cat yawning That was doubtless what was going through the mind of boffins at Berkeley Lab and the University of California when they …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    This being a US university they surely meant "PATENTED" and not "patterned carbon nanotube" no?

  2. mark 63 Silver badge

    well it might not be *quite* as high-tec but the lowrider custom car scene have had whiskers for detecting kerbs since the 70s!

  3. Khaptain Silver badge

    Leather gloves required

    If you tug on the said whisker, does a supersonic paw fly out and use it's razor sharp claws on the back of your hand in order to remind you never to pull it's whiskers ?

    My cat just gives me a look that says that that is what is going to happen should I even think about doing something even remotely as silly.

    1. hamcheeseandonion

      Re: Leather gloves required

      I know that feline look far too well....leather gloves would be just the start of it mate.

      Even without the "technical" upgrade to Robo status, you would be better off with:

      1. a full-body suit of Chobham armour (or armor for our ex-colonial friends), if such a thing could be made.

      2. then there would be titanium helmet with the 25mm thick perspex visor

      3. then the reinforced chainmail and kevlar gorget.

      and finally, if all that doesn't blunt its enthusiasm, then take the little feline bastard out with

      4. a large elastic band and a slice of heavily buttered toast.

      You'll thank me one day, all of you, you will...just wait.

      1. mark 63 Silver badge

        re toast

        4. a large elastic band and a slice of heavily buttered toast.

        PMSL well done sir!

      2. ian 22

        Re: Leather gloves required

        Given this is a robo-moggie none of your kit stands a chance. Claws of sapphire at least!

        Kitteh kitteh burning bright

        In the forests of the night,

        What mortal hand or eye

        Could frame your fearful symmetry.

  4. frank ly

    I for one ...

    ... welcome our whiskery nocturnal-hunting robotic overlords.

  5. Cheesenough

    Ten pound note of pressure

    Is this the birth of a new unit of pressure?

    ... "the same amount of pressure as a ten pound note exerts on a table surface"

    so £1million is equivalent to 1 bar

    1. stucs201

      Re: Ten pound note of pressure

      One million quid in a bar?

      Thats going to be one heck of a hangover!

    2. Tom_

      Re: Ten pound note of pressure

      But did they mean a £10 note or a 10lb note?

  6. Peter Mount

    Been & done already

    My second AIBO (yes I had two of them) always looked more like a robotic cat than a dog

  7. Faye B

    Pussy whipped?

    This could be a CATastrophe. I have a sinking feline about this.

    Could this be a new version of the Commodore Pet?

    1. Crisp

      Re: Pussy whipped?

      You've pawssibly stumbled onto a great application there. Patent it before someone whiskers it away!

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    SF leads the way

    The author Rosie Oliver has a series of stories about cyber cats - C.A.T.

  9. Marketing Hack Silver badge


    We're still going to get humanoid robots, but they will look like robo-Grizzly Adams? (Yes, a child of the 70s here.).

    Plus, who's bright idea was it to give robots a sensory system that allows hunting in total darkness?

  10. Sir Sham Cad

    The Purrminator

    Well, looks like the mice are fucked.

  11. Semtex451

    Yea but can I get Freeview HD on them?

  12. Old Handle

    Is this really that impressive? I mean I haven't tested it, but I'm fairly sure an actual cat's whisker could detect the weight of a banknote too.

  13. Chris G Silver badge

    How many

    Men are already ruled by pussies ?

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