log me in death spiral locked in terminal phase

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  1. psychonaut

    log me in death spiral locked in terminal phase

    wonder if el reg will do a story regarding log me in 's recent antics.

    1) about a month ago, without telling anyone except in an obscure blog, they discontinue browser plug in based remote support. it fails for many many people as it doesnt work properly.

    2) about a month ago - they massively hike the price of central. if you had an unlimited account (which i did) which cost £199. now, without telling anyone, when it comes to renewal time you pay based on the number of machines you have. since i had an unlimited account, i didnt do any pruning. theres also no way of mass deleting pc's - you have to access each entry, hit delete, are you sure etc. i have 960 pc;'s (most of which are defunct) and so they want nearly £1k per year from me. people have actually been billed without being told that there is a price increase. i only found out about the price increase whilst trying to figure out what the hell was going on when point 1 above hit the other week.

    3) TODAY they have sent an email to log me in free account holders that FROM TODAY their accounts wont work. theres a 7 day moritorium to decide if you want to buy pro then your account gets ditched.

    4) some people use LMI free to administer their LMI backup accounts. you now have to pay for pro to do this.

    come on el reg, poke a finger in please...

    1. Drewc (Written by Reg staff) Gold badge

      Re: log me in death spiral locked in terminal phase

      We wrote about it here and here.

  2. psychonaut

    the other thing is....they'll probably do this with their other offerings too - cubby, hamatchi...

    its not the paying for it that im concerced about (well, happy to pay £199 per year, but not £1k!) but the way they are doing this - not telling people at all or telling people on the same day.

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