back to article Army spaffed millions up the wall on flawed Capita online recruiting system - report

The Ministry of Defence's implementation of a computer system for an online recruitment drive has reportedly been far worse than the "teething problems" the UK government coughed to in December. According to The Times (subscription needed), the British Army's £1.3bn scheme to allow the MoD to privatise its recruiting and move …


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  1. RISC OS

    1.3 billion?????

    For an online recruitment system?

    Which IT company saw them coming?

    1. Chris Miller

      Re: 1.3 billion?????

      One with highly paid directorships waiting for whoever signed the order.

      1. g e

        Re: 1.3 billion?????

        I'll do it for 7.5 million, conditional on a copy of the requirements first.

        1. wolfetone Silver badge

          Re: 1.3 billion?????

          "I'll do it for 7.5 million, conditional on a copy of the requirements first."

          I'll do it for £1,000.

          Undercutting's a bitch, ain't it?

          1. Stretch

            Re: I'll do it for £1,000.

            No, you won't. Coz you ain't got an army of muppets getting all the accreditations and ISO bullshit you need to even get to bid.

            1. wolfetone Silver badge

              @Stretch - Re: I'll do it for £1,000.

              "No, you won't. Coz you ain't got an army of muppets getting all the accreditations and ISO bullshit you need to even get to bid."

              By the sounds of things you don't need to have anything. You just have to make it look as if you can do the job.

              That's what Capita have done, isn't it?

            2. dssf

              Re: I'll do it for £1,000.

              Made me laugh.... Point up for you, sir!

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: 1.3 billion?????

      "For an online recruitment system?"

      Nope, for an IT system and then doing the recruiting, over the next ten years. Unfortunately that doesn't make the value any better, because according to the Daily Telegraph that amounted to £14k for every soldier recruited (and that was when project costs were a mere £1bn, so we could be looking at £18k per soldier recruited by now).

      Are there any polite words to describe those involved in defence procurement?

      1. TheOtherHobbes

        Re: 1.3 billion?????

        > Are there any polite words to describe those involved in defence procurement?

        Not unless you think 'corrupt' and 'thieving' are polite words.

        Another outstanding example of privatisation making everything cheaper for the people whose privates are getting the benefits.

      2. neilg

        Re: 1.3 billion?????

        Simply: No.

        Back in the late 70's or early 80's (memory is fading) I worked in a metal engineering company, we won a sub-contract to machine forgings (forgings FFS!) for what ultimately (we didn't know this at the time) turned out to be a simple earth spike. i.e. a piece of metal you pushed into the ground to earth equipment & was generally left in the bloody ground when Tommy moved on. Disposable you might say.

        OK, details: We were provided forgings, by the 10's of thousands, and we had to machine a point on the pointy end (which was already pointy) & drill & tap a hole (0BA if I recall correctly) on the fat end. After setting up the old capstan to do this we quoted 2 or 3 pence a spike & got the contract. We thought it was an excellent deal, as we only needed an apprentice to load the hopper, it utilised an EOL machine, we got scrappage for the swarf & it earned money.

        We discovered, many years later, that each spike was sold to the MOD for £15.00 a pop.

        1. NeilMc

          Re: 1.3 billion?????

          Sounds like the costs for replacing light bulbs in Government Buildings that came to public realisation some years ago now. I believe the figure was £98 per bulb to supply and fit..............

          As ever context is important to understand the relative value for money for such a service

      3. Michael Dunn

        Re: 1.3 billion?????

        "Are there any polite words to describe those involved in defence procurement?" No!

    3. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

      Re: 1.3 billion?????

      Have they thougth of just using Craigslist?

    4. TechicallyConfused

      Re: 1.3 billion?????

      Capita saw them coming and true to form appear to have screwed it up, but that should not shock anyone, least of all the government or MoD who have a long history of being let down and screwed over by Capita.

      I think the government ethics committee (if it actually exists) should look closely at the relationship and bank accounts of Capita, it's brass and that of the government procurement leadership.

      1. dssf

        Re: 1.3 billion????? And, I thought I saw "Captcha" related to recruiting...

        Certainly looks, now, like CAPTURE, as in capture the bid, the money, and the glory...

        This bit got my eye:

        " spokeswoman told us: "We wouldn’t comment on the figures from a leaked document.""

        So, the would not prefer to comment on leaked truths, hahahaha. Does "leaked document" confirm the authenticity of the document? She did not use enough weasel words, such as saying, "presumed leaked document, the progeny of which is debatable and unconfirmed as yet, and coulde be either a red herring, or just bait to purposely embarrass us needlessly but purposefully...." hehehehe

        1. Matt 21

          Re: 1.3 billion????? And, I thought I saw "Captcha" related to recruiting...

          While I agree with all the comments about the costs being ridiculous surly another question to ask is "Why nit simply pay the soldiers more?". They've clearly got the money and higher salaries may well mean that recruitment would no longer be a problem.

    5. N2

      Re: 1.3 billion?????

      When any govt contractor screws up wholeheartedly like this, they should be given the option of dropping all associated costs or being struck off the list.

      Had this policy been implemented years ago none of this would be happening now

      1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

        Re: 1.3 billion?????

        Or the army should be allowed a free day to do whatever they want to the Capita managers

  2. websey


    It states in the top of the article, Capita pay once recieve nothing pay again and recieve nothing again

    Are the joys of having one wheel grease the other

    1. dougal83

      Re: @Capita

      We all saw this coming when Capita got the contract. They do accounting software for local government and they are not very good at that, hence the private sector has better solutions. Maybe public procurement processes should look at a companies past record of delivering on projects rather than how much they are asking for? What a joke.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: @Capita

        I worked for them for 4 years on a number of high profile software & infrastructure projects that were all so obviously doomed to failure it was painful - i feel qualified to say that they just dont have any genuine experience or expertise in managing complex (or even simple) software projects so this isnt a suprise.

        The bigger questino is for the MOD to answer - can they genuinely say that recruitment was going to cost them £1.3 billion over 10 years...if so that is outrageous.

        If you outsource a problem - its still a problem. Businesses need to learn to fix their issues before they hand them over to somebody else...

        1. Anonymous Coward

          Re: Wonderful common sense, wonderful typo...

          If you outsource a problem - its still a problem.

          Brilliant. It's a pity you can't charge for being quoted on that.

          The bigger questino

          Perhaps the next particle to be sought by the LHC?

          I salute your business sense, and I salute your fingers, but the icons only allow me to offer one beer

        2. John Smith 19 Gold badge


          "The bigger questino is for the MOD to answer - can they genuinely say that recruitment was going to cost them £1.3 billion over 10 years...if so that is outrageous."


          Like every other MoD (according to the MoD at least) system their requirements are totally unique and completely unsolvable by any sort of off the shelf package.

          And then of course there are those 23000 odd procurement bods in Bristol. You've got to wonder how many of them had a hand writing the procurement document

          And of course let's not forget the old £140k --> over 10 years ---> huge IT con-sultancy can be "trusted" to have the financial resources to handle a job that's so big.

          Stir up this great big steaming pile and serve in large portions to the British taxpayer.

      2. Michael Dunn

        Re: @Capita @Douglas83

        There's probably some rule at work here, just as in court, a jury is not allowed to know of a defendant's previous convictions.

  3. TomChaton


    "...has been hamstrung by a series of blunders after Capita was awarded the contract in 2011".

    A series of blunders after the first catastrophic blunder; namely letting Crapita anywhere near it.

    Have they *ever* brought a project in on time and on budget?

    Answers on the back of a blank taxpayers cheque.

    1. James 51

      Re: Blunders

      You beat me to it.

    2. Tom 38

      Re: Blunders

      Capita may preside over a succession of shit-storm projects, but the truth is that Capita frequently deliver in the private sector projects they undertake.

      So, why does it go wrong with public projects? No ownership is my bet. Every elected person involved in the project will think that they are the boss, and continually add minor tweaks and changes to the specs. Civil servants ignore the politicos mainly, and will supply their own requirements.

      Add enough of these people to any project, and you'll very quickly have scope creep and fail to make any deadline.

      It's all cool to rag on Capita and their ilk (lol, "Crapita"), but the contractor actually working on this project is likely underpaid*, couldn't give a fuck whether the requirements are sane or germane, and so just does as he is told. After all, if it goes wrong, they can show the broken requirements, say "not us guv", and do another £50m in fixup work.

      Successful projects usually have strong product ownership - someone who knows exactly where to take this thing, and has final say over everything. Unsuccessful projects rarely have strong ownership.

      * Yes - even though the company makes a mint out of government work, the contractors they are supplying are probably not - well, not compared to typical consultants.

      1. Smarty Pants

        Re: Blunders

        Got to agree to the above,

        what starts as a simple 'can you do us a new website', followed a month or so later with the addition of mail functionality, then a bosses wife's hairdresser mentions adding comments and reviews and a outlet so you can buy from the site, then you need to add analytical's to see how many hits you're getting and we might as well go Google advertising on it to recoup some of the cost, oh and now we need it to link directly to these other websites and data-stores

        what do you mean we need more hardware and storage

  4. FordPrefect

    Surely if Capita have failed to deliver it madness to send even more money in their direction? Surely its time to put the work back out to tender?

    1. John70

      Or even have an in-house team to do the work and stop out-sourcing.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I wish the sector I work in

    Was as forgiving, not to mention gullible, as government....

  6. El_Fev

    Same old suspects every single damn time..

    I'm sorry but IBM, Accenture, Capita G$S , hitachi, EDS etc should be banned from all government contracts ,

    jesus we could get better results from using trained monkeys, how they keep getting work , with failure after failure on their books is a national scandal!

    1. Nick Ryan Silver badge

      Re: Same old suspects every single damn time..

      They keep getting work because they are seen as "safe choices" due to their size and experience (admittedly at fucking everything up that they are contracted to provide). Many of these systems I could have had developed within a year by a small, quality team for a tiny fraction of the price... unfortunately unless you are a big, unwieldy organisation with the aforementioned experience (and directors in the right places), it is impossible to get these contracts.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Same old suspects every single damn time..

        The government keep awarding contracts to the "safe choices" as they're overdue to get something right. Maybe not this year, but soon.

        You wouldn't want to introduce a new supplier and go through another 25+ year learning cycle...

      2. HippyFreetard
        Black Helicopters

        Re: Same old suspects every single damn time..


        Follow the money.

        Between 2000-2010, £1,500,000 in Tory donations from Capita.

        It's nothing to do with safety, with reliability of an established firm. It's old-boys mutual back-scratching.

        This is the case with pretty much all the crappy companies paid millions by the government to do nothing, Atos included.

        1. NeilMc

          Re: Same old suspects every single damn time..

          Indeed how many senior players at Capita are ex Govt or Ex MOD.....

    2. CJatCTi

      Re: Same old suspects every single damn time..

      How is it the same list to which you can add PWC keep getting work, which is never:

      a) Do the basic job - forget meeting the specifications

      b) Arrive on time or on budget

      And how when they fail to meet the above can the contracts continually be written that we the Tax payer have to pay for it & pay to get fixed. When in the SME world the customer would just refuse to pay for any of it / demand a refund?

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Capita SIMS

    Capita also make a program called SIMS used in schools.

    The latest update warns that Windows 8 adopters will "encounter difficulties when you first log into SIMS after a SIMS upgrade because the What's New page is displayed automatically and cannot be closed easily. This is caused by Windows Reader being the default program used to open PDF files"

    They recommend installing Adobe Reader 9.

    How about just disabling the "Whats New" page?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Capita SIMS

      SIMS is a clusterfuck of the highest proportions. When I was working with it 5 years ago some parts were still 16 bit software from the stone age covered in sticking plaster to keep it going. SIMS also released patches, but every upgrade would lead to "interesting" outcomes. Intelligent managers would always leave any update at least two weeks, especially around exam time where the system simply had to work.

      SIMS development standards however are best summed up in one example.

      A selection of developers were in a meeting, and the subject of data entry came up. The developers were shocked and dismayed when they were told they'd have to parse apostrophes in surnames. None had thought that an O'Dwyer or O'Connor would go to a school in the UK...

      1. James 51

        Re: Capita SIMS

        SQL escape character but you'd think a big, well established team would have a library of utility methods to handle this.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Capita SIMS

          "SQL escape character but you'd think a big, well established team would have a library of utility methods to handle this."

          Yes, but we're talking about SIMS, logic doesn't enter in to it

          1. James 51

            Re: Capita SIMS

            If they throw a million quid my way I might be willing to license some I made earlier ^^

        2. BristolBachelor Gold badge

          Re: Capita SIMS

          "SQL escape character but you'd think a big, well established team would have a library of utility methods to handle this."
          But someone isn't typing the surname into a SQL query are they?; they're typing it into a form (god I hope!)

          What the hell happens when Robert '); DROP TABLE students; joins the school??

          1. James 51

            Re: Capita SIMS

            That boy must have some really devious parents.

      2. Alan 6

        Re: Capita SIMS

        But Capita are relative geniuses compared to the fuckwit who programs the Collect web site for School Census data collection, and the system for requesting ULNs

        That person obviously decided that every school pupil will have a UK address, forgetting all the boarding schools in the UK (yes, there are a number of state boarding schools, we have 120 students with foriegn addresses), neither the Collect site or the ULN requests will accept an address with a house number or UK format postcode.

    2. Alan 6

      Re: Capita SIMS

      How about not installing Windows 8?

      Seriously though, there are so many problems with SIMS that a faulty What's New page is the least of anyone's worries.

      A simple way to remotely log users out so we can install the many patches that have to be installed to fix the errors in each termly release would be a start...

  8. Rich 2 Silver badge

    How much?

    I am always amazed at headlines like this - I mean, just HOW do you spend 15 million quid on a computer system? I could have put together a team to do this for a tiny fraction of the price and still have enough to retire on and go and live in the Bahamas.

    I wouldn't even know where to start spending that kind of cash - I think I would have to insist all the kit was gold plated with diamond-encrusted chips or something like, just to come close.

    1. David Pollard

      Re: How much?

      It does indeed require considerable experience and expertise to be able to spend such exceedingly large sums of money and to make catastrophic mistakes. Many of those involved have spent a long time training for this, climbing the ladder using the Peter Principle (aka, and developed into the Dilbert Principle).

    2. Primus Secundus Tertius

      Re: How much?

      It's what happens when you employ an army of bureaucrats on "Quality Assurance" but don't have anyone who actually knows anything.

      First we had Defence Standard 05-21 (in the MOD). Then we had ISO 9000 in government generally. The only effect has been to push up costs, with zero effect on software quality. I met MOD people who asked us if we could do a cheap job without all the QA crap.

      Only a paranoid mind would of course suspect that this is all a cunning plan by our enemies.

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: How much?

      It's actually a lot easier than you think.

      If they bring in experienced IT contractors, then the base cost per contractor with overheads added (office space, IT equipment and all the staff management) will be £600-800 per day, and they will book them out to the project for around £1000 per day. So each contractor costs the project ~£20,000 per month, or ~£120,000 per year. Put together a modest team of 8 of these for a year, and you are running close to £1,000,000 just for a small implementation team.

      Add to that the project managers, who (being fully accredited for Prince 2 and ITIL 3 et. al. so of course are worth <sarcasm>much more</sarcasm> than your average infrastructure specialist) will be billed to the project at £2,000 per day, and you can see how the costs run away. And that is before you start taking the actual hardware into consideration.

      While using their own employees may reduce the costs a bit, most consultancy companies are shedding FTEs for fear of having to pay them when there is no work.

      As the consultancy (and the project managers who manage the project) are making money by just having it running, as long as there are no penalties that will sting them, there is no incentive to complete the project on time!

      1. Tom 38

        Re: How much?

        So each contractor costs the project ~£20,000 per month, or ~£120,000 per year.

        Always double check the maths if you get a contractor to do it.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: How much?

          Oops. Makes the point even more clearly though, doesn't it. ~£240,000 per contractor per year!

          The reason I didn't check it was that the original (wrong) figure seemed outrageous enough already.

          I claim it was a spreadsheet error!

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Delivering supporting technology ..

    "Capita will also deliver supporting technology for the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force. It will partner with Kenexa for assessment and recruiting technology".

    1. NeilMc

      Re: Delivering supporting technology ..

      Another great private sector trick.

      Imagine the scene................

      Hi we are money grabbing IT/IS provider (might be Capita, Serco, G4S, EDS, Cap Gemini, Atos or.....) we know and can do very little but we will be your Prime Partner cos we have ex Govt and ex MOD people who can ensure we are the prime contractor even though we know and do nothing.

      Then we will bring in experts in the field e.g. Kenexa or as it is now IBM and they will deliver the solution along with our many other value adding leeches.

      We will mark-up all their costs which already include their profit and provide absolutely no added value other than billing your sad Govt ass's.

      If you are nice to us we might take our contract awarding friends from the Govt out for expensive meals to congratulate each other on another great deal for the UK Public and Govt.

      Sound familiar to anyone?

  10. pacman7de

    MOD application form ..

    Five people working in a room could have come up with a working solution in months ..

    1. Hollerith 1

      Re: MOD application form ..

      I did this once -- a process similar to recruitment and pretty complex, as I also needed to cover several languages, currencies, and so on. I was the design/usability person and I had two 'old lags' in IT who used old-but-seaworthy code to build an absolutely brilliant solution. Worked correctly right from the get-go, and cost the company only our salaries and a project management person we all ignored. It was my first in-house, hands-on big bit of work and my respect for IT professionals shot through the roof. They simply are a breed apart from the consultants (Capita, etc etc) I've had the non-pleasure to work alongside since.

  11. phil dude

    obligatory comment...

    Everything paid for by public money should be FOSS by design. Pay companies to develop it, but all source remains in the public. No proprietary formats that cannot be exported. Contracts should be used to pay *people* to do work, not make $profits for massive corps.

    Sorry I've had my coffee, I am making Hydrogen bond plots, and this stuff just seems sooo broken....


    1. phuzz Silver badge

      Re: obligatory comment...

      But if you make it FOSS then you can't charge the government twice for delivering the same pile of cack I mean software again.

      Not to mention that the general public could point out bugs, rather than allowing you to charge a lot of money to fix the mess you made in the first place. Oh, and you hardly want everyone being able to see the shoddy excuse for code that you've just delivered do you?

      You really have no clue about government procurement. One would almost think that you think the whole point of the process is to provide the government with something that works...


  12. RISC OS

    A better recruitment tool to buy

    when you have 1.3 billion to blow, would be to buy a new naval war ship. Sail it around the uk with lots women in just their bras and combat trousers and station the recruitment centers on board ship.

    I'm sure that would be a lot more cost effective and drive recruitment up, and when the campaign is over, the boat can passed on to the navy.

    1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

      Re: A better recruitment tool to buy

      Not sure about the women - if you are trying to recruit sailors

  13. John P

    Why, why, why do these companies keep getting contracts? It beggars belief, there can only be a healthy amount of backhanders going on to explain this?

    Minister: But why should I give you the contract, you've fucked up every one you have ever had.

    Capita: I'll quote you half of whatever everyone else has quoted and here's 10% of the extra 500% I intend to charge the government in 'overruns' before failing to deliver anything useful.

    Minister: You've got a deal!

    Or is there a lesson here? Never attribute to corruption what can more easily be attributed to our Government being run by a bunch of f**king idiots!

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Prevent wars, privatise recruitment

    How did we ever manage to recruit enough people to turn up at previous wars without this £1.3 Billion doohicky? is one question that springs to mind.

    Another is, how many military personnel have been made redundant to pay for this white elephant?

    Lions led by donkeys

    1. Marvin O'Gravel Balloon Face

      Previous wars and government overspend...

      If William the Conqueror had started saving £20 notes at the rate of one every second since 1066, he'd not even be half way to paying off the national debt today.

  15. Arachnoid


    Whatever happened to the human touch during recruitment and gut feeling which is distinctly missing from any computer system

    Whilst it may be said with hindsight this money could have been better spent on bolstering the security of our systems that widely use internet connections.Which in the event of conflict will clearly be open to attack from other countrys as a preemptive attack on infrastructure and the military's ability to even launch a counter strike.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Only supposed to cost £497m

    Award Criteria:

    To achieve 100 % affordability against agreed budget. Weighting 100

    1. Allonymous Coward

      Re: Only supposed to cost £497m

      Tenderise? As in, repeatedly pound with a hammer until it becomes more palatable?

      Somehow seems appropriate.

  17. Not That Andrew

    Of course the real question is why the hell does the MOD feel the need to outsource recruitment and training, including that of the squaddies!

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It would be simpler to just stick the MOD jobs on ebay or use a recruiting site?

  19. Tank boy

    So it isn't a problem only found in America

    The US Army dumps piles of cash for recruiting, and shovels more money trying to keep Army Knowledge Online afloat (with diminishing returns on both). Having worked shortly with the Recruiting Command here in the US, I'll say that if some joe or jane isn't smart enough to figure out where the nearest recruiting station is located, they probably shouldn't be carrying a firearm or put in charge of multimillion dollar pieces of equipment.

  20. Frankee Llonnygog

    Defence seems an expensive business

    Can't we outsource it? OK, it will mean a military coup by Russian mercenaries backed by the Kremlin. But think of the cost savings

  21. JeffTravis

    It should come as no surprise

    Really, it shouldn't should it, but then I guess we are all singing to the choir.

    How do they get the contracts, that's easy. Everything is "too big" for anyone other than the established players to compete with and if an enterprising individual broke the big contract down to a series of smaller contracts (along the lines of Simple Iterative Partitions theory) then the big boys complain as they have the ears of the very top of government.

    So once again monumental waste. The large corporate multinationals are no better, hence the plethora of PWC, CapGemini, KPMG types in all those organizations too.

    No one ever got sacked for choosing <insert establishment here> isn't it about time someone did?

  22. Rab Sssss

    How many

    recruitment offices could it have funded? And for how long?

  23. leeboy66

    My son went through the process for army recruitment last year and it was slow and confusing. You never saw one person to speak to as Capita took all the actual face to face contact with a careers adviser away from them. The system was confusing and slow for both the applicant and the company with Capita not returning calls and emails. Shoddy at best.

  24. All names Taken
    Paris Hilton


    Please don't confuse British Army with MOD.

    Where one is heroic, astute, brave, courageous and has tenacity existing over many years the other probably gets nose bleeds at the thought of a paper cut getting stuff from the printer (there) to the shelf (0ver there) without tripping up over the wire (there) and don't get me started on the delays on the tube dah-lingk no?

    Warriors v wimps

    body bags v claim forms

    integrity unto de-ath v mincing escapist apologies


  25. Dodgy Geezer Silver badge

    I remember...

    ...when the Government had it's own in-house project programming and consulting team. Which had world-class experts on it, and didn't cost them a penny more than standard civil service wages.

    It was called CCTA - The Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency. In between supporting government computing projects, it wrote things like ITIL and PRINCE.

    It was closed down in the 1990s after the Computer Industry lobbied government to get rid of it. One of the arguments they used was that the Government were unfairly competing with their industry by using government cheap experts.

    1. James 51

      Re: I remember...

      Surely they should use each other for using their own cheap experts too then?

  26. William Higinbotham

    Duplacate Web Site

    Same company most probably did the initial U.S. Obama Care Site. Need I say anything more?

  27. Michael Dunn


    Got as far as this line: "a series of blunders after Capita was awarded the contract in 2011." and immediately thought: "That was the first blunder!"

  28. NeilMc

    I also asked myself the question of why wouldn't they look at :



    or any other mass market recruitment portal which already has the tech and processses baked in

    what about HR and Recruitment BPO players like Alexander Mann......

    Why reinvent the wheel with a player plainly not up to the job

    Certainly without a shadow of doubt the Public Purse should not be paying for failure; and PAC should be all over this ensuring that we do not throw good moeny after bad.

    I at least gave G4S some credibility after the Olympic fiasco; they were contrite and waved some costs proportional to the screw up they caused.

    1. John Smith 19 Gold badge


      Be very careful what you wish for.

      IIRC Monster did the new version of the Universal Jobmatch job seekers website.

      It's s**t according to knowledgeable sources.

      But it did cost DWP about £17m.

  29. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    quel surprise

    I may possibly once have worked on the previous incarnation, for the small subcontractor that actually did the work behind many layers of bureacracy. One change was to add a checkbox to a form and save the field in the database - no special logic involved. The bill for that (no idea what the total was including the layers above us) was heading in the direction of 6 figures..

  30. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    Minister "We've just hired Capita for the work."

    Staff "And now we are f**ked"

  31. JaitcH

    The Tory Party has only a few names in it's contractor list ...

    Capita (we can do anything, eventually), G4S and Serco.

    Why can industry get things done right the first go around? And industry doesn't repetitively hire companies that have repeatedly FAILED to meet contract objectives.

  32. WibbleMe

    I will it for £500 for a https online job recruitment form on a PCI compliant server... and I live just down the road from Donnington as well!

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