back to article Woz backs Chinese 'Apple of Far East' in play for US hardware market

Apple grandee Steve Wozniak has said a Chinese firm mockingly dubbed the "Apple of the Far East" could compete with the fruity firm on its home turf. The fruity firm's co-founder jetted over to China to give his backing to Xiaomi, a tech company which sells smartphones and consumer electronics based on its own flavour of …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    You have to remember that Woz is an electronics engineer. So his blessing on a product is more of a geek award than a blessing that the product is nice to use.

    1. FrankAlphaXII

      That's true, and the Apple crowd that only knows Cupertino approved iHistory really might want to keep that fact in mind.

      But it does mean that a product he's endorsing probably isn't lobotomized like iOS and non-rooted or custom ROMed Android. I've checked out Xiaomi, and they seem pretty good/useful, but I'm still far more interested in Jolla and their Sailfish OS, and failing that, WinPho. But I'm an old school Nokia user and I really dislike Android's permissions model as it stands plus I've never cared for the iPhone aside from the 2008 iPhone 3G. It just doesn't do it for me.

      1. ElReg!comments!Pierre

        > I'm still far more interested in Jolla and their Sailfish OS

        Yup, I have my eyes on this one too. I might decide that these 400€ are burning a hole in my pocket... I hadn't heard of that Xiaomi though, I'll have a look.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Slippery Slope, an Android manufacturer that admits they wants to be like Apple.

      Just like the rest of the Android fraternity, those that make them want to emulate Apple, those that buy them really want an iDevice.

      1. DiViDeD

        Could someone please take note that I, for one NEVER wanted an iDevice. Not a stupid looking, non upgradeable iMac that nobody was writing useful software for, not a brightly coloured ipod when my Xen held more music in higher quality, certainly not an iPhone, even at a time when the alternative was a bloody N95, complete with stylus.

        I buy Android because Android does what I want it to, without fuss, not because I'm too poor or style challenged to buy a locked down fruity.

        OK, rant over. Back to Fandroid/boi bashing, nothing to see here.

        1. Peter Black


          I'm really, really sorry, but I suspect that there's no-one who cares what you want. Sorry again.

          1. Dave 126 Silver badge

            Re: Sorry...

            >So his blessing on a product is more of a geek award than a blessing that the product is nice to use.

            Sometimes maybe, but perhaps not in this case. This is the same Woz who said that the American consumer isn't getting the best product possible, because of Apple, Saumsung et al won't share their features with each other. He has a point.

            As for Xiaomi, they try to sell hardware at close to cost in order to bring people into their services - so more like Amazon than Apple. In addition, they make their version of Android, MIUI, available to other handsets, a version that has some thoughtful features in it.

  2. Ashton Black's Alt.

    Cue the lawyers...

    If this does "break" the US I suspect the army of lawyers at the late Job's firm will be out in force.

  3. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    golf shirt, not turtleneck ?

    Hang the traitor !

  4. Anonymous Coward

    How about some originality for a change?

    So not only does this company produce facsimiles of Apple products, its CEO feels the need to take it one stage further and replicate the dress sense of a dead man?

    I'm beginning to wonder if we'll ever see a single innovative product or idea emerge from the vast, sprawling megalopolises that constitute modern day China.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: How about some originality for a change?

      I totally agree, now that Steve Jobs is finally dead (and for quite a while now I might add), its time for turtlenecks to phase out. Nobody should be allowed to wear what he wore, did he wear black socks? Ban them!

      Have you ever even researched the company you are accusing of plagiarism?

      1. Slx

        Re: How about some originality for a change?

        It's a common misconception that people have. Only Apple employees can buy black turtle necks. If you look at normal people's black turtle necks really closely you'll notice that they are in fact VERY very very very very very dark blue.

    2. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

      Re: How about some originality for a change?

      It only produces facsimiles of Apple products in the sense that they don't look like 1980s IBM designs

      You could say that Apple just produced facsimiles of Sony designs

    3. squigbobble

      Re: How about some originality for a change?

      They were the first (that I'm aware of) to manufacture passenger cars with a remote control so you can see yourself into a tight parking space.

    4. Eddy Ito

      Re: How about some originality for a change?

      "replicate the dress sense of a dead man"

      Jerry Garcia? Who else could it be since the other jeans only people, Dean Kamen and Mark Zuckerberg, are both still alive.

  5. Craigness

    “I’m playing with mine. I like it so far. I’ll tell you if I have problems”

    Such as blindness?

    1. MrDamage Silver badge

      Hairy palms perhaps

      Especially given how Xiaomi's Mi3 is designed to "be used with your gloves on".

  6. Peter Black

    Who is Woz?

    Is there anyone left alive (or dead) who cares what Woz thinks?

    1. Sean Timarco Baggaley

      Re: Who is Woz?


      The man basically designed a couple of 1970s-era microcomputers – at a time when every Tom, Dick and Sally was doing the same thing, so big sodding deal – and, aside from a switching power supply, that's pretty much it. It was Jobs who suggested putting one of them in a case and offering a pre-built model for sale.

      Mr. Wozniak had precisely f*ck all to do with Apple's transformation from a near-bankrupt basket case in the late '90s to its current status as one of the most successful businesses on the planet. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Naff all. Quite why anyone pays him any heed escapes me. Like Richard Stallman, his views are anachronistic, harking back to a bygone era before computers became a commodity consumer product.

      Woz has become an embarrassing, parasitical media tart. A "rent-a-nerd" whose views represent the minority of the mercifully dwindling old guard.

      Microsoft were #1 back when Jobs returned to Apple. However painful it may be to admit to many of you, it's Jobs you have to thank for finally knocking Microsoft down a peg or two and forcing them to get off their collective arses and actually innovate. (No, they didn't get ModernUI right first time, but it took them three goes to make Windows acceptable too. MS are good at playing the long game, so I'm not inclined to write them off yet.)

      1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

        Re: Who is Woz?

        So the savior of Apple is either Andy Hertzfeld or Jonathon Ives

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