back to article Backup dedupe bods ExaGrid: We're 'cash-positive' this is our year

Deduplicating backup-to-disk startup ExaGrid is now cash-positive and thinks this could be its breakout year. ExaGrid is one of several suppliers trailing along behind EMC's Data Domain unit in the deduplicating backup-to-disk system market. Even with what they claim is arguably superior technology, they fail to grow faster …


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  1. Moose467

    "In the event of a failure, the VM can be booted directly from the ExaGrid system resulting in an instant recovery. This is, it says, is an "industry exclusive capability"."

    hmmm much like Symantec's Instant Recovery for VMware in Netbackup then...

  2. LeguanArne

    Added a feature others have had for long..

    Yay, we added a feature that a bunch of others has had for a long time and we added far fewer customers than any of the competitors in the leaders quadrant.

    Go us!

  3. hoola Silver badge

    Doomed to niche or failure

    I looked at the product some years ago, it was interesting but did not really scale to what I needed. I also looked DataDomain but the cost are prohibitive, even at scale. Both rely on in-line depulication, you still have to get the data from the client.

    I eventaully put in CommVault, it is stil expensive but with a properly deisgned deduplication infrastrucuture everyone else is trailing by a very wide margin. The client side deduplication is very good and exceptionally light on the network. Add synthetic full backups into that and a 20TB client will write a couple of GB of headers. Although more expensive than some, the saving from deduplication far outway the costs when it comes to investing in the disk backup targets.

    I curently have over 7PB of protected data with about 650TB of data written to the disk targets. The only limiting factor at the moment is the amount of space in the remote data centre for the disk targets. I need the density to go up to 60 or 84 disks in 4 to 5 U. That problem is one that all hardware manufactures have to address, ExaGrid & EMC included.

    1. Pahhh

      Re: Doomed to niche or failure

      So 7PB of source side data (ie not 7PB of equivalent backup) . If so that's really good. Especially considering that you arent transferring the data across the network.

      Data Domain / Exagrid are great band aids but that's the problem, they band aids. It doesnt get rid of the full / incremental cycle that hammers the source machines and network.

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