back to article Casino DDoS duo caged for five years after blackmail buyout threat

A pair of cyber-extortionists who attempted to blackmail a Manchester-based online casino with threats of unleashing a debilitating denial of service attack have been jailed for five years and four months. Piotr Smirnow, 31, of Tawerny, Warsaw, Poland, and Patryk Surmacki, 35, of Szezecin, Poland, pleaded guilty at Manchester …


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  1. Herby



    That would be wonderful. It would also decrease teh amount of traffic on the web by a few percent or so.

    We can only hope!

  2. Cliff

    Silly sausages

    Every successful parasite leeches only a small percentage from its host so as not to kill it. Leech too fast, injure the host, you go down too.

    If they'd asked for 1% 'to help keep the servers secure' they may have struck a protection deal, 50% the owner had to respond firmly.

    1. FrankAlphaXII

      Re: Silly sausages

      From what they say, in Vegas the mob never took more than 15% as a skim from their own casinos. Trying to take too much out at a time they reasoned would attract unwanted legal attention, though the only way the Feds ever found out for sure (beyond any doubt whatsoever actually) about the skim was by bugging Cashier cages and money rooms. Without a warrant, naturally.

      These Polish guys were probably new to the world of racketeering, asking for 50% is just going to make a mark angry, and when someone's pissed off, and reasonably so, about things that might not be too legal they'll call the fucking cops. Unless of course you've got some real dirt on them that the filth might just be more interested in, should the victim decide to go that route.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      They were lucky really.

      Attempting to extort 15m out of a guy and they're stupid enough to meet in person??

      Could quite easily found themselves meeting with a much shadier individual, who'd been paid to provide certain services.

  3. Bronek Kozicki

    Well done for police

    Also 5 years (realistically that will be just under 3) seem like the right punishment for DoS.

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