back to article Drobo tarts up storage boxen: Now they're APP SERVER platforms

External storage box-maker Drobo has turned its 5N desktop filer/shared network storage array into an app platform, with supported apps running on the 5N's controller. Drobo makes simple-to-use, stylish and scalable file storage and sharing boxes which protect the data within and require little management by consumers, pro- …


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  1. Scott Bartlett

    So... ?

    And this is different from what you can do on a whole pile of other NAS boxes... how, exactly? This should surely be filed under 'catching up' and not 'news'?

    1. Captain Scarlet

      Re: So... ?

      I can see you point but a few things like adding Barracuda products (Which obviously aren't free and ok its one point) is probably a good idea for small businesses.

      Yeah your right catching up :(

  2. b166er

    No iSCSI, which is available on competing products.

    Still ReadyNAS for me ATM

  3. dwrjones87

    I want a Drobo 5N, simply for the simplicity of it (just a shame that I can't afford one).

    Why can't things just do one thing and do it well nowadays? (Says a 26 year old...)

  4. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

    Brand name

    What the Drobo has going for it is the brand name and reputation. They've been very good about doing exactly what they claim their drives do without any fuss. The performance specs are accurate, they alert you to problems, compatibility is good, rebuilds are fast, drives don't rattle loose, and I haven't yet had a situation where one of them gets too confused to function. Unlike many other brands of NAS, I haven't lost any weekends to fixing them or upgrading them. That justifies their high cost for some uses.

  5. Shady

    This advertorial....

    ...was bought to you by Drobo - proud sponsors of The Register

This topic is closed for new posts.