back to article Samsung uncloaks 'industry's first' one-terabyte mSATA SSD

Samsung has revealed what it dubs the "industry's first" one-terabyte solid-state drive in the compact mSATA form factor. From what we know of the SSD landscape, their claim is an honest one – by over a factor of two, seeing as how 480GB mSATA SSDs from Crucial and a few others are the most capacious such drives available in the …


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  1. Lost in Cyberspace


    Crucial currently sell a 960GB for £371?

    (It's advertised at £432, until you try to buy, then it shows a discount).

    1. R 11

      Re: Crucial

      Isn't that a plain old laptop SATA drive. This is mSATA and a fraction of the size. The largest capacity mSATA on the website is 480GB for $329.99 or £242.39 inc. VAT in the UK.

    2. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

      Re: Crucial

      OMFGWTFBBQ. I have the Micron/Crucial 960GB SSD in my "desktop" (Alienware MX18). It's so stupid fast it [censored] the [censored] and [really, a goat?] with added [I can't unthink that]!!!

      Basically can't live without them, now. OTOH, I have a Samsung 240GB mSATA that I'm tossing into my Lenovo x230, we'll see how that goes...

  2. Wanda Lust

    Open the box

    Last time I looked Crucial's mSata and 2.5” form factor units display exactly the same specs at each capacity. I do suspect that the 2.5” form factor is just a 9mm box providing mSata to full SATA interface. Why produce two electronics designs when one will do?

  3. jai

    so... someone could put a raid interface or similar on two of these and connect a SATA connector and thus produce a 2tb drive that's still less than 9mm thick and so would fit in my PS4 ?

    the only downside being that it'd probably cost many multiples of the cost of the PS4 in the first place, but still...

  4. Stuart Halliday

    Put us out of our misery, how much?

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