back to article Open source bods magic up Qualcomm tech to unlock Internet of Things

The Linux Foundation has established an industry-wide initiative to create an accessible-to-all framework for the Internet of Things - or the “Internet of Everything”, as the Foundation now wants us to call it. Dubbed the AllSeen Alliance - sounds a bit Harry Potter or Terry Pratchett, no? - the organisation will do what no …


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  1. ElReg!comments!Pierre

    "the mountainous issue of data privacy"

    It's indeed the problem, and not just for medical applications.

    Perhaps more mountainous for BlueTooth as it inherits from it previous incarnations the reputation of being the most insecure communication channel ever. Reputations like that tend to linger on even when the basis for them has disappeared.

    Regardless of the communication method, the "IoT" will need to adress the fact that it would be putting a _lot_ of very personnal information in the open, and the communication stage is perhaps the less problematic. Because all this data is going to be stored somewhere, and the real questions here are "how", "where", asd "for how long".

  2. EmperorFromage

    Not going to happen

    I don't think any company big enough to have a proper legal department will touch this thing with a barge pole. The problem is with the licensing terms, which gives a royalty free license to some undisclosed IP. The caveat is that if you enter into any kind of legal dispute with Qualcomm (even on completely unrelated areas), you loose the rights to utilize said undisclosed IP. No serious player in the mobile business would agree to such a legal hobble.

  3. shub-internet

    Sounds like MAP all over again; perhaps they should revive TOP and stop re-inventing the wheel?

  4. xj25vm

    IoT - WTF?

    For pete's sake - when we called them embedded devices, at least us in the industry knew what it was all about. Now they came up with a new fangled name which means absolutely nothing to anybody. Reminds me of EE - another completely pointless marketing exercise. If you go about renaming something, at least come up with some clever and/or explanatory new term.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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