back to article DARPA seeks game players to join bug-hunt

DARPA, which last week launched a multi-million-dollar bug hunt, is also trying out the notion of using games to help track down bugs in commercial software. However, while last week's bounty is targeting hackers, the Crowd Sourced Formal Verification project is hoping to use mug punters to find bugs in commercial-style …


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  1. TheRealRoland

    <wopr-voice>shall we play a game?</wopr-voice>

    1. CrazyLikeAFox

      Wouldn't you prefer a good game of chess?

  2. fortran

    DARPA is just fishing for exploits for NSA.

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      Oh Please, get Real. Advanced IntelAIgents don't do fishing with Global Operating Devices

      DARPA is just fishing for exploits for NSA..... fortran Posted Monday 9th December 2013 04:05 GMT

      DARPA, which is a sort of qubit of the DOD machine and IT and its MISTeams is more than just phishing with phorms that exploit NSA and intelligence services. Here it and IT be offering delivery of future virtual reality partners which/who supply perception of such product being indistinguishable from, and therefore fully mindlessly/autonomously accepted by clients and customers/the worldly wise wider general population as being the real thing via AI and Great Game Gaming platforms.

  3. katjap

    Cash, Grass, or @$$,

    Bugs are not free.

  4. M Gale

    And the latest news upodate...

    StormBound Update: September 16, 2013

    Tutorial bug fix, Better level selection

    Oh how deliciously recursive.

  5. i like crisps

    Beware!......DARPA's trying to put you on the "GAME GRID"

    And TRON won't be there to save you!

  6. ammabamma
    Black Helicopters

    This reminds me of something...

    I wonder if I could play these games during one of my interminable meetings (working on a defense contract for DARPA) and then send them an invoice for my "consultancy and code analysis".

    Remember the Manhacks from Half Life 2? I seem to recall reading in a developer's commentary somewhere that the original idea was to have them guided in part by civilians playing games in the "Manhack Arcades" across the city. They thought they were playing a state-of-the-art FPS, when in reality they were unknowingly hunting down and killing their neighbours.

    If these games are successful, I can see DARPA developing a whole new series of games:

    Dude, where's my IP? - a Where's Wally/Waldo style game that involves deep packet inspection for copyrighted content.

    3dom Defender - a tower-defense style game which involves identifying "undesirables" via remote sensor and CCTV as they wind their way to your borders.

    Stop the Suspicious, Swarthy Stranger - a Papers, Please (,_Please) style game where you help The Intelligence Agency mine and correlate data on persons of interest.

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      Re: This reminds me of something

      Hi, ammabamma,

      Some would advise that DARPA are just major league bit players in Greater IntelAIgent GCHQ Games with Global Operating Devices and Advanced Information Phormations, the FuturistICQ System Platform Driver ........ Cryptic Source Supply for Cascading Story Sheets ..... Novel NEUKlearer HypeRadioProActive IT Tales of Virtually Real Fiction that seamlessly deliver Beta Brighter Bigger Pictures for APT Apps and ACTive Realities Perceived to be Conceived on Earth rather than from Secure Anonymous Places in Cyber Space Systems Admin.

      And the only barrier and/or hurdle to their leading in the field is their continued ploughing of barren furrows in sub-prime landscapes with terrorising petrified memes for they be not excluded from greener pastures where all are welcome to succeed and exceed.

  7. veeguy

    How do we know...

    How do we know DARPA doesn't have us unknowingly fighting a war on a distant exoplanet, huh? They think we don't know, but I've seen it discussed on an episode of "Space Ghost" a while back.

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