back to article Chinese cops cuff Hong Kong Bitcoin scammers

Chinese police have nabbed three people suspected of running Bitcoin exchange GBL, which closed down abruptly in October taking with it over 25 million yuan (£2.5m, $US4.1m) of investors’ money. The three were arrested all over the country, in Guizhou province, Anhui province and Shenzhen city, according to Xinhua. They are a …


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  1. david 12 Silver badge


    Do you mean Family-name? Or are you giving us the personal-name, which is the sur-name in most Chinese names?

    Given that list-of-names is one of the most popular database / list / document / program tasks, this kind of question comes up all the time in programming, and I expected a little more clarity here on The Register -- Biting the hand that feeds IT.

    Although I understand that the article was tagged Policy / Law.

  2. FunkyEric

    we all know

    That the safest place to keep Bitcoins is in landfill

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Sheep Marketplace

    This is nothing compared to the theft of $40M worth of bitcoin from sheep marketplace last week which hasn't been reported anywhere!

    Which was about one weeks worth of escrow on the marketplace i might add!

  4. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    4,400 fools and their money are easily parted?

    Seriously, it's just too ironic that all the get-rich-quick-geeks throwing their money at Bitcoins just don't see this type of scam coming.

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