back to article OCZ successfully sells self to Toshiba

Death-row solid state disk vendor OCZ has sold its brains to Toshiba for $US35m. OCZ's been limping along for ages and last week declared bankruptcy and said Toshiba was the most likely source of cash to give its long-suffering institutional investors something with which to light their cigars. The Japanese concern has indeed …


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  1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

    So the plan is

    To link Toshiba's product to OCZ's reputation and brand image?

    So a bit like Boeing renaming the Dreamliner "Titanic" then ?

  2. RIBrsiq

    I am not exactly sure where this notion that OCZ SSDs are less reliable than average comes from. Most SSDs I owned were OCZ and they're all still... well... not purring along, exactly, SSDs famously not making any sound, but are certainly fully functional. The same for about 5 other at work. Only one OCZ SSD in my vicinity has failed, in fact.

    Admittedly, 10 SSDs a statistic do not make. But then I doubt the forum doom-and-gloomers each bought a thousand drives before coming to their conclusions. And if failure rates were really as high as some would have you believe, OCZ would have folded long before now. And no one would have been buying the pieces.

    Facts of the matter are that the OCZ Vector is the best performing SSD around by any metric and that the Vector 150's 50GB/day for 5 years rating is the highest by far at its price-point. The only reason I am not buying a few right now for a storage server I am building is price and that Intel SSDs are good enough for what I need -- especially at 2/3's the price. Dammit, OCZ! Meet me half-way, here!! But a 50% markup on a mostly comparable drive...? And holiday sales mean you *decrease* the price, not increase it... Oh well...

    1. localzuk Silver badge

      The notion came from the facts. Reliability rates with OCZ SSDs are much lower than their industry competitors. Example, a comparison of return rates between April 2012 and Oct 2012 gives OCZ a 6.64% return rate, compared to 0.37% for Intel, 0.16% for Plextor and 0.05% for Samsung!

      Those statistics whilst varying a little, are repeated during pretty much any period you'd care to look at.

      1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

        They were also famous for:

        Release a high quality server version, gradually introduce lower quality consumer parts while keeping the same name, then rebrand a new super server version at a higher price with faster parts ... repeat....

  3. Bronek Kozicki

    Only $35m ? That's cheap

    I wonder how much OCZ was in debt to Toshiba.

  4. Zmodem

    OCZ just had to add shark gill vents to the case of their SSD`s to stop them overheating and failing, 2 years ago

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