back to article What is thy bidding? Han Solo’s shooter goes under the hammer

Assuming you don’t put your faith in ancient weapons and hokey religions, your only option is to pack a good blaster at your side - and what better blaster than Han Solo’s very own DL-44? And now it could be yours, if you have at least $300,000 to spend. Yes, the 275mm long prop used by Harrison Ford and, it’s claimed, Mark …


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  1. FartingHippo
    Thumb Up

    Excellent timing

    As I was just about to renew my mortgage.

    Now, do I tell the wife?

    1. Code Monkey

      Re: Excellent timing

      "What this old thing? Just £5 on Well Known Auction Site (tm)"

    2. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

      Re: Excellent timing

      You tell her that Greedo bid first...

  2. Chris Ridley

    A good weapon

    "Assuming you don’t put your faith in ancient weapons and hokey religions, your only option is to pack a good blaster at your side"

    Nah, I put my faith in a nice little piece from the Weapon Shops of Isher. Dreebo woldn't even have started to move his hand towards his gun before being toast. :-)

    1. Fogcat

      Re: A good weapon

      But a lazy gun would be so much more fun.

      1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

        Re: A good weapon

        A bit massy to carry though.

        1. Fogcat

          Re: A good weapon

          "A bit massy to carry though."

          Just avoid turning it upside down.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Am I reading this corectly?

    300k for a copy?

    1. g e

      Re: Am I reading this corectly?

      I'll take Deckard's original over Solo's replica any day.

      1. Alister

        Re: Am I reading this corectly?

        Yes, just not spelling it correctly...

    2. Parax

      Re: Am I reading this corectly?

      Yes*, a copy of the "original" weapon used in Ep.IV (the Greedo slayer) But it is an "original" long-shot prop from Ep.V. Many "original" versions exist as many were used for filming in each film.

      *The clue was in the words.

  4. David Harper 1

    Han shot first

    As anyone who saw the movies the first time around will tell you :-)

    1. stucs201

      Re: Han shot first

      Han shot. 'First' doesn't enter into it, since Greedo didn't get to shoot at all, on the grounds of being dead.

      1. Marvin the Martian

        Re: "First doesn't enter into it"

        So on those grounds, America isn't the first nation to land on the moon until the Indians or Chinese get around to it? Let's not mention Eric the Viking's wait for glory until 1492.

        Peculiar, this is.

        1. stucs201

          Re: "First doesn't enter into it"

          The difference with the moon landings is that it is a reasonable bet that someone else will land there someday. Scope is the entire period of time during which the human species exists. Therefore 'first' can be used, though currently 'only' would also be applicable. With the Han/Greedo scene we know that there is no more shooting between Han's shot and the end of the scene, so first is rather pointless.

    2. Eradicate all BB entrants

      Re: Han shot first

      I heard Greedo had a choice, service Jabba's sister or go after Han, so it was more like assisted suicide.

  5. i like crisps
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    Just a tarted-up Broomhandled Mauser...

    ...and it don't even fire live rounds anymore.

  6. Jon Double Nice

    If you're interested

    I haz some magic beans you can buy, just £1000 each to you guv, you got an honest face.

  7. sisk

    Do I get to shoot first if I buy this?

    1. DiViDeD

      "Do I get to shoot first if I buy this?"

      Course you do. And as a bonus, ILM will use their cgi magic on the CCTV footage to prove that the dead guy emptied his gun at you BEFORE you shot first, Bargain

  8. adnim

    A year off work...

    travelling around <insert continent of choice> or possession of a dust collecting ornament?

    Such a difficult choice.

    1. Sir Sham Cad

      Re: A year off work...

      A very difficult choice that I (and I suspect the majority of Reg readers) don't have the dosh to make.

      If I did, though, I'm tempted to the blaster as I can run around the house pretending to be Han Solo like I was back in the school playground with his actual weapon! Pew pew!

      Yes I am single, why do you ask?

      1. Simon Westerby 1

        Re: A year off work...

        Once you hav that fella in your hand ... alien princesses will be kicking down your door adorned in nothing but a kinky metal bikini every single day* .......

        *Actual eperiences may vary depending on your imagination.

  9. RTNavy

    Airport Security

    Will TSA still confiscate this replica on my way home?

    1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

      Re: Airport Security

      Yes, but it will immediately re-appear on e-bay.

      The circle will then be complete.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Jaba wun inchiko tanny wun oskar

  11. Michael H.F. Wilkinson

    Z: "Imagine I have a blaster ray in my hand"

    Captain: "But you have a blaster ray in your hand"

    Z: "So you wouldn't have to tax your imagination too much"

    Mine is the one with the Genuine Kill-O-Zap Gun in the pocket

  12. Stevie


    That Droid Retirer doesn't look kosher to me. I've a poor "garage kit" copy of my own and bad as it is it looks closer to what I see in Deckard's hand than that lump of undifferentiated black resin.

    For those needing a good start for their own Solo blaster, there's a more-than OK softair broomhandle Mauser that would make an excellent chassis for it that can be had for less than 10 dollars from Amazon.

  13. Tsunamijuan

    These look like castings for stunt guns

    These definitely aren't the hero guns. That would deserve this kind of price.

    I highly doubt the authenticity as well, as the castings for the rubber stunt guns are quite prolific for the blade runner gun apparently. Not to mention most of the castings where made before the compleition and refinement of the hero weapons.

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