back to article Eagle steals crocodile-cam, records video selfie

A juvenile sea-eagle with (sadly) no cinematographic skills whatever has created what could, regardless, be the selfie of the year, stealing a wildlife camera and taking it for a fly. The camera was set up near Margaret River* in the Kimberley region of Western Australia in order to capture images of crocodiles. As Gooniyandi …


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  1. adrian727

    Those yoofs, bah!

  2. Turtle


    "The camera was recovered 100 km from where it was stolen..."

    Did they file a police report?

  3. another_vulture

    NOT "stolen"

    "Stolen" is a value-laden word. The juvenile eagle picked the object up and flew with it. I cannot believe that the camea was identified in any way that could be interpreted by this eagle as belongimg to some owner. The eagle simply asserted its right to possess an object in its natural environment. This is justifiable retribution for humans who force eagles to carry cameras.

    On a related note: Is there a way to make camera packages attractive to eagles? If so, a properly-designed camera package (internally stabilized, GPS tracking, multiple POV, location transmitter) would provide a way to track the flights of these juvinile eagles, and also porvide spectacular videos that may very likely result in crowdfunding. I would certainly be willing to pay for the result.

    1. SoltanGris

      Re: NOT "stolen"

      Well, how about attaching a camera to a fluffy kitten's paw and staking said kitten's out in a pasture.

      Of course you would use light weight yarn to tie the kittens to the stake so as to not harm them.

      1. Eddy Ito

        Re: NOT "stolen"

        The bird will never get it because the kitten said, "you can have my camera when you prise it from my cold..."

      2. Mr. Moose

        Re: NOT "stolen"

        May I volunteer my neighbor's Shih Tsu instead? That dog worries me: It barks so energetically that I'm concerned that one day it will flip it's body, down to the atoms, inside-out, and turn itself into a dog-star, shitting little black-holes all over the hallway. I'm surprised it hasn't achieved net power gain from sonofusion.

    2. stu 4

      Re: NOT "stolen"

      "...and also porvide spectacular videos that may very likely result in crowdfunding. I would certainly be willing to pay for the result."

      been done:

    3. ThomH

      Re: NOT "stolen"

      ... so you don't think the eagle acted dishonestly to appropriate property belonging to another with intent permanently to deprive, etc, etc?

      Anecdotal survey result: this is the definition most likely to recalled from the first year of a law degree.

      1. Uffish

        Re: NOT "stolen"

        It was an thoroughly honest experiment examining the reactions of humans to displacement of their litter.

    4. Anonymous Coward

      Re: NOT "stolen"

      Yeah man! He wasn't stealing, he was INFRINGING! It's a civil offense, man! They're trying to take your RIGHTS away! Cameras want to be free!

  4. lawndart


    No cinematic skills whatsoever? Give him a chance, every budding film maker probably made a hash of it the first time they picked up a camera.

    He probably thought he'd put it somewhere safe while he'd gone off to find a manual for it, and now it's been recovered.

    That's almost certainly ended the career of another Seaeagleberg.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Bloody eagles

    Given half a chance they'd have the wheels off your car, they would.

    1. richardcox13

      Re: Bloody eagles

      No. That would be parrots. Specifically keas in New Zealand.

      Often know to have a go at the window etc. seals on cars.

      1. Allan George Dyer

        Re: Bloody eagles

        So are the seals joy-riding?

      2. Alan Brown Silver badge

        Re: Bloody eagles

        Keas - bad enough that they were the subject of an insurance advert:

  6. Great Bu

    Have Amazon seen this ?

    Amazon Eagle Deliveries ? (Not available for tasty orders)

  7. SteveK

    100km? Or 100m?

    So what is the air-speed of a camera-laden sea eagle?

    As the in-footage timestamp shows approximately 20s passing between takeoff and landing, if that really covered 100km then we'd be looking at a tad over 11,000mph. It's amazing their feathers don't fall off.

    1. ADJB

      Re: 100km? Or 100m?

      Is that an Australasian Sea Eagle or just a general Asian Sea Eagle?

      1. Not_The_Droids

        Re: 100km? Or 100m?

        It did indeed grip the camera by its husk.

    2. This post has been deleted by its author

  8. Stoneshop

    In-flight video

    Wouldn't have happened with U-Matic gear

    1. Stuart Castle Silver badge

      Re: In-flight video

      I suspect the eagle would have had trouble picking up the U-Matic gear... Admittedly, my experience is limited to a couple of video decks the company I work for used to own, but it's not exactly lightweight.

  9. Christoph


    The eagle obviously wanted a selfie to post to his Facebook account

    1. 100113.1537

      Re: Selfie

      Problem turned out to be there wasn't an eagle friendly app for one-touch uploading. I think I see an opportunity......

  10. Neil of Qld

    I for one, welcome our new Sea Eagle overlords.

  11. Anonymous Coward

    Just as I was thinking, "Quite boring..."

    It got wonderful

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Just as I was thinking, "Quite boring..."

      Yeah, that's some beautiful blue sky.

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