back to article Vodafone Iceland Björked after Turkish hacker pinches passwords

Vodafone Iceland has been hacked and 77,000 customer records spaffed across the internet. The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service reports that the hack became apparent on Saturday. By Sunday Vodafone Iceland had 'fessed up to the breach but denied other reports that personal details including bank account numbers …


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  1. TheRealRoland

    nice :-(

    humming 'human behavior'...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's vodafone ffs. Most of those 77k accounts are probably inactive.

  3. Laurent Somers


    Actually, it contains SMS messages as recent as 28.11.2013, about 80 thousand entries (and, yes, accounts of about 78.000 users). The messages are ones sent via user's My Pages from the web. Messages that even the users themselves, did not have access to after sending them.

    Well done, Vodafone! Promoting privacy awareness in a big way!

  4. jonfr

    It's worse then just sms

    This leak is bigger then just all SMS from the year 2008-ish until the website was hacked in November. It also contains ID numbers of Icelanders how did place orders with Vodafone IS and more. The biggest story is the SMS leaking, but there is more to this. They also stored passwords unencrypted in the SQL database that did leak.

    I had my old and inactive email leak in this leak since I have been doing business with Vodafone IS in the past. However nothing else did leak that I am aware of at the moment.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: It's worse then just sms

      I guess The Register forum has been hacked also.

      Well, when I say "guess" - I look to news items recently about how the Dutch Secret Intelligence organisations have been busy hacking Forum websites, available in NL, in order to gather their membership SQL databases and thence gain intel on the varied Forum posters. (A bit like when MI5 would get details on everyone who wrote letters to their local Evening newspapers, except even more illegal!)

      Strangely, when I was in NL recently I felt like I was talking to a member of AIVD based in Zoetemeer, now what was his name again...? Nope, I've completely forgotten!

      Back to illegal hacking...doesn't any of the national services understand proportionality?

      I knew that GCHQ reads El'Reg - if nice Holland has been blatantly illegally downloading all the SQL's that they can find - then shirley the great guys at Cheltenham/Bude/Scarboro' & F-83(*) etc have been there beforehand?

      (Dutch AIVD Forum hacking documentary proof - link on slashdot somewhere, the Snowden documents aren't allegations from an ICT Security point of view - they are hard, cold, actionable facts, no matter what waffle is spake!)

      (*) Harrogate was civilised in 1956 by the way

  5. i like crisps
    Thumb Up

    Dear "The Register"

    Have an upvote for that headline.

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