Antique PROM programming algorithm?

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  1. Neil Barnes Silver badge

    Antique PROM programming algorithm?

    I'm trying to get a Sinclair MK14 up and running, and it turns out the PROMs don't contain quite what they should - looks like something's screwed the internal data selectors.

    While it'd be easy to stick an eprom on the back with jumper wire, I'd rather use the original prom type if I can - but while I can find the data sheet scattered around the net my google-fu has failed me on the programming details.

    If anyone can point me at the right place, I'd be really chuffed... perhaps an old Nat Semi paper TTL databook?


    1. jake Silver badge

      Re: Antique PROM programming algorithm?

      This might be a good place to poke around:

      Might have not the exact answer you are looking for online, but I'll bet they can point you in the correct direction if you say PleaseAndThankYou[tm].

      1. jake Silver badge

        Re: Antique PROM programming algorithm?

        Another potential link to find answers:

        I'm pretty certain I have a couple-three Mk14s hanging out in the collection of boxen housing this kind of thing ... I'll try to dig mine out, please share what you come up with :-)

  2. Neil Barnes Silver badge

    Hi Jake, no joy there though I did find a useful prom listing.

    However, I had a brainstorm and once I stopped looking for specific 'S571 data I found this: which is a programmer for the '188 but critically includes the specific page from the TI book I was looking for; the used the same materials, voltages, and algorithms as the NatSemi part.

    It seems that the part is available as NOS, so I'll probably bend an AVR in that direction rather that programming manually; his programmer only has to do 32 locations. Toggling a couple of thousand bits in is too far beyond IPLing, I fear.

    But first, I'll glue an EEPROM on the back and see if it still works. Most of the other chips can be replaced with HC or LS TTL if necessary though I'd rather keep the originals; after all, I've had them thirty five years...

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