1. Gabor Laszlo


    From the people who made the GTA04 (the 3G successor to Openmoko's Freerunner) here is an idea to revive the best in the N900: http://neo900.org

    (TLDR: motherboard replacement running Linux for the N900 case)

    Starting tomorrow a partial prototype can be seen at http://ohsw.org/ (In Garching, Munich)

    ATM they are waiting for 17 more (for a total of 200) 100€ down preorders to continue to production.

    1. Gabor Laszlo

      Re: Neo900

      Correction to my earlier post: The Neo900 has nearly received the funding it needs to go into production, the actual status of the preparations is however not so far advanced, as can be seen here: http://www.openphoenux.org/ohsw2013/7%20Neo900.pdf (TLDR: there is a first prototype board that can make phone calls, they are looking for sources for a few components that for now exist only as Nokia spare parts)

  2. badra100

    There has been no update for the n900, so it's looking at the XMPP network. The new phones will be looking for...!

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