back to article Dropbox dropouts and biz rebels: Stay in control ... inhale your own cloud

In part one, I looked at how cloud services can fail you, using the example of the demise of Google Reader and the ensuing feed-ing frenzy. Replacing Google Reader with a self-hosted alternative like TinyTinyRSS isn't too difficult - the OPML format offers reasonably good data portability, which allows you to simply reload …


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  1. Jim 59


    As an Owncloud user I agree with the article. Provides dropbox-like functionality on your own server. It's fast enough running on something like a Sheevaplug, for casual use, but on the Raspberry Pi is a bit too slow.

    Regarding mobile support, the mobile app is fine but lacks htaccess/SSL support. So if you are sensible and put Owncloud on an SSL site, the app won't work, surprisingly.

    1. zappy

      Re: Owncloud++

      Don't know about iOS but the Android OwnCloud client handles SSL just fine. Just use https:// in the address.

      1. richmaclannan

        Re: Owncloud++

        The iOS, as well as the Android, clients work fine with https://, even when the certificates are not trusted. :-)

  2. jesbres

    How about self hosted without complexity?

    Many companies are hesitant to rely on cloud services for file sync and sharing, but the alternative doesn't have to be something as complex as OwnCloud. Companies like Accellion have a packaged on-premise file sharing solution that offers a similar intuitive end-user experience to Dropbox. In addition as a private company driven by customer requirements it also comes with open API's and integrations to things like SharePoint, Windows File Shares, DLP, Outlook and so on.

    So yes, deploy using self-hosted private cloud, (80% choose on-prem over cloud) but when working with critical documents and content, like the author suggest, think carefully which supplier to bet the ranch on.

    Gartner produced an interesting report of the major file sync & share players for the enterprise which you can download for free here

  3. RonWheeler

    Professionals are the problem

    The problem with company supplied systems is that some kind of auditor or 'security professional' will get involved. Meaning you're going to need some kind of onerous PITA multi-factor authentication, a nasty frontend that is heavily locked down, and timeouts and security dialogues and frequent complex password changes.

    That is why users like Dropbox.

    1. jesbres

      Re: Professionals are the problem

      It's a fine balance between ease of use and security but some things can help. Using the MobileIron or Good MDM version of Accellion and the authentication happens once using SSO.

      Education has a big role to play, we're finding that in the NHS. Once staff understand the risk of putting patient information into consumer file sharing tools, they are more accepting of the security steps in their Accellion alternative.

  4. Crunch

    Article :sounds like an OwnCloud ad.

    Owncloud might run fine hosted, but the selfhosted consumer version is horrendous in almost every way.

    Map some shares, play around with sym links, it all goes tits up soon.

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