back to article Kobo Arc 10HD: The bookworm's fondleslab?

If you’re in the tablets game, then delivering hi-res models in various form factors seems to have been this year’s preoccupation. Among the myriad hordes pushing out Android fondleslabs are those in the ebook sector – and Canadian e-ink vendor Kobo has done just that, with a screen that's even sharper than the new iPad Air. …


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  1. Mage Silver badge

    Nothing for Bookworms

    It's just a Tablet with poor PDF support.

    Nothing to see here for Bookworms or readers of Datasheets and old PDF encapsulated scanned books.

    Mines the one with huge pockets for the Kindle DX.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: It's just a Tablet with poor PDF support.

      Hmm, but a tablet with 2560 x 1600 pixels, apparently. And can I find a 10in screen laptop with that res?

    2. DiViDeD Silver badge

      Re: Nothing for Bookworms

      Yes but there are many and varicose apps out there which can convert PDF to epub, many of them with a pretty good record of maintaining text formats.

      I have a library of SF books in PDF format (which my reader will render, but without all the extra features like text sizes, fit to page, etc) which I convert, 5 at a time through an online converter and the results have been about 95% perfect (the occasional book gets clogged up with extra linefeeds, metadata on every third line, page numbers halfway down the page and, in one memorable case, a page for each word), but I've always been able to use alternative tools to convert these.

      And don't forget, it's an Android tablet pretty much at an eBook price. Where do I sign?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    perfect example

    of how to fuck off users and put them off the brand for ever. Well done, KOBO!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Is it really illegal to run Digital Editions in WINE, then run some Python to de-DRM the files and transfer them to Calibre ready for when I next plug my Kobo (or a different makers device in future) in ?

  4. ScottME

    The criticism that the device has poor PDF support puzzles me. The review says users of this device have free run of the Google Play store. So does something prevent them from installing Adobe Reader? Or for that matter, any of several alternative PDF reader apps?

    1. Tom Chiverton 1

      Plus my Kobo Touch reads PDF perfectly well, and I assumed it was the same Reader software at heart

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Why not just make colour e-ink readers ?

    Why make it a tablet to read e-books? We have been there before.

    They are just doijng a RIM blackberry with their tablets (thoroughly tied to BB phone/account) and crippling it.

    1. Mage Silver badge

      Re: OR

      The colour filters needed for colour eInk reduce the reflective brightness to about 1/5th. Colour filtering works with LCD (which is also inherently mono) because the backlight can be x10 to x50 brighter than light reflected off paper.

      The Qualcom mirasol might be a lot brighter. But so far seems to be vapour. It works on a similar principle to butterfly wings. But it won't be as bright as mono eInk.

    2. Neoc

      Re: OR

      Amen to that. I have an eBook reader (a Kobo Touch as it happens) and an Android 10" tablet. Love them both, but the tablet is too heavy for prolonged reading, especially if you are standing up in public transport.

      A colour eBook reader, roughly the same size and weight of the Kobo Aura HD (say) would allow me to read books, magazines and graphic novels without having to worry about excessive muscle strain, glare when reading outside or having to recharge the device every day (I read a lot). Especially since I don't give a damn about listening to music (I have a smartphone, a tablet and an MP3 player for that) or watching video (smartphone and tablet). But I do want a decent all-round *BOOK READER*.

      Wishful thinking, I know.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Backlit LCD screens are still horrible for reading, even given the nice screens on my Nexus 7 and Retina iPad. I think I'll keep my nice e-ink based Kindle paperwhite for now, thanks (and strip the DRM off the books.. you know.. just in case).

    I also find that the cognitive gap of screen vs paper is similar with screen vs e-ink, giving an effect similar to:

    So no, I think I will use a proper e-reader for my horribly crowded train commutes (where real doorstop books are a pain), and a proper Android tablet for my tabletty stuff. I don't want a half-arsed tablet, either, as it goes.

  7. EddieC

    So no built-in PDF app

    But it does have the full Google Play store, so I'd have the choice of Adobe Reader for Android, PDF Reader, Foxit Mobile, or the open source Android PDF Viewer. Most of these have free versions and doubtless there are others. Or you could go for a suite that also does PDF, such as Polaris, OfficeSuite or DocumentsToGo. If you can't find a PDF app for an Android box with Google Play, you're not really trying.

  8. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    So a book reader with no built in PDF reader and *no* extendible storage.

    Because no one would would want to set up collections of (possibly) PDF documents on separate memory cards, right?

    Kind of like IDK a library of books for a special purpose.

    What is it with companies that go so far and then just turn to s**t?

  9. Infernoz Bronze badge

    Too expensive for what it is.

    It has hardly any memory and no microSD slot, and costs loads more than the Google Tablets; Epic FAIL!

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