back to article No bail for 'Silk Road boss' as SIX MURDER-FOR-HIRE CHARGES filed

A federal judge has denied bail to Ross Ulbricht, the alleged mastermind behind the Silk Road online drugs marketplace, amid charges that Ulbricht contracted the murders of six people. Ulbricht, who is accused of founding Silk Road under the moniker of "the Dread Pirate Roberts," appeared in a federal court on Wednesday in New …


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  1. Gerardo McFitzpatrick-O'Toole

    Nothing could thrill me more

    Than to see a lawyer publicly state that their client is "not the person known as the Dread Pirate Roberts". The whole idea of taking this plot element from The Princess Bride is inspired. I expect there will be another... and another... and that the Captain's legend will grow at every stage.

    1. dan1980

      Re: Nothing could thrill me more

      A gigantic bag of crack cocaine and several professional ladies of negotiable affections would do it for me.

      Sorry. It's late and I really want to go home.

  2. Don Jefe

    What's the lesson here kids? That's right! If you want somebody dead, do it yourself. Killing other people just isn't the sort of work that outsources well.

  3. Jamie Jones Silver badge


    " Ulbricht is not a criminal but a decent man who lives by principles of "honesty, personal responsibility, and the importance of friends and family.""

    Ahhhh, yes. All honest people I know have at least 9 fake driving licences

    And how the hell does 'the importance of friends and family' matter? - it doesn't make you any less a criminal. Indeed, Mafia members are renowned for putting a great 'importance on friends and family"

    1. Old Handle

      importance of friends and family

      I believe the context is that his friends and family are offering to post bail so, they assert, he would not jump bail and cause them to lose their money.

      1. James O'Shea

        Re: importance of friends and family

        Gee. I'm sure that Julian the Ass's friends and family thought that way, too.

    2. James O'Shea

      Re: Honest?

      "Ahhhh, yes. All honest people I know have at least 9 fake driving licences"

      To be fair, there was a time when I had four (non-fake) driver's licences. (UK, Jamaica, Barbados, and Florida) due to the inadvisability of displaying a Jamaican license in, well, the other three, the inadvisability of displaying a Florida (or any American) license in the UK or Barbados, and the extreme inadvisability of displaying a Barbados license in Jamaica. (You do _not_ want to be identified as a Bajan, particularly a pale Bajan, in Jamaica. Nope.) I could have just used the UK license, but that one was also the one which was almost expired at the time I got the Florida license and I really wasn't flying back across the Atlantic to renew it.

      Having multiple driver's licenses is proof of nothing more than wanting to be able to drive in multiple territories with minimal hassle.

      That said, nine licenses is rather overdoing things a little. And even one fake license is... questionable.

  4. DavCrav Silver badge

    "Agents said they also found an apparent to-do list on his computer for life on the run, which included such items as "destroy laptop and hide/dispose," "find place to live on craigslist for cash," and "create new identity (name, backstory).""

    Here's the first step from such a to-do list.

    1) You won't know when you have to go on the run, so don't leave a metric fuckton of incriminating evidence on your computer in the first place. Especially a file entitled "what to do if the police find out I run Silk Road".

    1. Alan Brown Silver badge

      I tend to agree. That kind of htings sounds mor elike what someone who's writing a book plot might have.

      (FWIW, people have been pulled into court on charges for similar stuff which HAVE been proven to be part of a novel layout. Prosecutors are very good at selectively presenting the parts to best make someone look bad).

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Already the Ecuadorian Embassy in London

    Are telling their NY counterparts to lock the gates

    Bet assange will now try to get on this publicity wagon, been at least 2 weeks since he was in the Reg

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Follow the bread crumbs

    I dont think i have signed up to a conspirocy theory in my life


    The person who sets up and runs the Silk Road (somewhere set up for keeping dealings secret) has a file on his home PC saying how they did it and how to run away

    even i know how to use encryption and i wouldnt have a clue how to set up something like the silk road

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