back to article Who wants 10TB of FREE cloud storage? Hands down if China is a deal breaker?

Chinese web giant Tencent has vowed to offer 10TB cloud storage accounts to international users free of charge. The company hopes to launch the data-archiving service worldwide in 2014 using the English language. It opened its doors in China in August, and can be accessed from desktop computers as well as mobile devices using …


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  1. Steve Knox

    One Million Troll Points

    to Tencent if they host their archival storage in the US instead of China!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: One Million Troll Points

      Looks like their intention!

      "To put privacy concerns at ease, Zheng tells Pandodaily that the international data will probably be stored on servers outside of China — in the same way that Tencent’s messaging service WeChat uses servers in the US and Southeast Asia."

  2. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    Here is price list you requested

    All I've ever seen from Tencent is phishing-like spam for Chinese parts suppliers. It would be awfully hard to use may free 10TB when they're firewalled.

  3. ACx

    Does China render, torture and bypass due process western citizens with the full support of western governments?

    No, China is not, *as yet*, a deal breaker.

    If my government ever crawls up the Chinese rectum, as it does the US, then may be.

    Thing is, I only care about being spied on if it can have a negative effect on my life. As I type, the Chinese have no power over me. Unfortunately, some how, I am expected to follow not just UK law, but US law too. Not so with Chinese law. So, for me, the risk of the Chinese spying on me is virtually non existent. The risk I face from the US, how ever......

    1. Steven Roper

      For me it's almost a deal clincher!

      Not only do I get the benefit of not having to worry about US legal tentacles and Chinese spying for the reasons you describe, but given China's attitude towards intellectual property enforcement I'd be able to use it to store all my DRM-free music, movies and TV shows without worrying about being prosecuted for doing so - and give access to my family and friends besides!

      I still wouldn't use it to replace my local storage though, more as an access-anywhere adjunct. Not to mention that with my ISP data usage plan at 150 GB per month it would take me over 2 months to upload that much...

      Actually, I can see the copyright lobby giving birth to dinosaur-sized kittens over this, because inevitably the most popular use of such a generous storage space allocation will be pirate downloads on a scale to make even bittorrent pale into insignificance!

  4. Nate Amsden

    you lost me at cloud

    but I'll pay shipping if they want to send me 10TB worth of disk drives.

  5. Sebastian A
    Thumb Up

    I'd give it a shot.

    A secondary cloud backup facility wouldn't be a bad thing to have, especially since I'm encrypting everything client-side anyway.

  6. Gray

    It's a tasty offer ...

    but even at 10 Terabytes, you'll likely be feeling peckish 30 minutes later.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What's the issue?

    Hey - I don't see an issue with using it as an online storage / backup for my thousands of photographs. What should I care if 'they' want to look at them - whoever 'they' may be?

    I would never store sensitive documents of any kind in the Cloud, no matter who owned the server or where it was located. That would be just foolish

  8. Christian Berger

    Hmm, China would be better actually

    It's probably a lot harder for the Chinese agencies to affect my life in a bad way than it is for the US ones.

  9. DeathSquid

    Why should China be a deal breaker?

    I'm going to encrypt everything I store remotely anyway. If they can break AES cheaply, they probably have all my data by now anyway. 10TB for free sounds like an awesome deal.

  10. ForthIsNotDead

    Sounds great

    WOuld want to see the EULA though... Don't want photo's of my kids appearing on a bill-board somewhere - well, not without a large cheque first, anyway!

  11. Lee D Silver badge

    With appropriate encryption of my own choice, why not?

    The fact is that I would trust Google or Amazon about the same as I'd trust a random Chinese company. You think the US couldn't just subpoena them and get my data already? That's precisely the scandal in the news at the moment.

    But if you apply encryption YOURSELF to all data that goes to the cloud, then it honestly does not matter where it's stored. You could offer copies of it on street corners to random people. That's precisely the *point* of encryption.

    In fact, I'd say, like the "sledgehammer to the server" test of your backups, if in theory you WEREN'T prepared to give encrypted copies of your data to anyone, then it probably means you have zero confidence in your backups / encryption and THAT'S the problem, not who you might give it to. Of course, you wouldn't, because they have no need, but in theory you should be able to without worry.

    And if we're talking home use - well, unless you're doing something of concern to the Chinese, I can't imagine it's any worse than doing something of concern to the US. At least China doesn't demand that their law applies in the UK, for instance...

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