back to article Riverbed: Market for optimising WAN is pale, sick. Let's switch to LiC

Bare WAN optimisation is becoming a shrink-wrap product strategy, with little growth forecast, so Riverbed is grouping its associated products into a higher-growth market which it estimates is worth about $11bn: remote application access and management. It has branded its new remote app optimising product "Location-independent …


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  1. Isendel Steel

    Branch Servers

    and so what goes around comes around - distributed servers for remote sites, consolidated to the data centre, to be moved out as "Location independent Computing"

  2. RonWheeler

    Nothing new to sell?


  3. btrower

    I am highly skeptical

    This just looks like me to be a patchwork quilt of things already available and likely better and cheaper. Of course, executive buy-in is not necessarily logical.

    1. codeusirae

      Re: I am highly skeptical

      Coming up with lots of new acronyms and trying to sell product, give them the benefit of the doubt would you ..

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